Camouflaged Owl Is Definitely A Hoot In One Impressive Photo

One thing that's pretty amazing about our world is that at any given moment, someone is probably taking a picture of something incredible.

Our natural curiosity is such that we never really stop exploring our world and while it's likely that that's always been true, it's only in recent years that it's become so easy to document what you see with a snazzy photo.

And while that's often a big help in separating the true stories from the tall tales, it's also just amazing to see what people manage to capture.

That's particularly true in the case of one man's striking photo taken in western Canada.

For a professional photographer named Alan Murphy, it's clear that nothing is more inspiring than nature.

pixabay | Pexels--2286921

And as a quick look through his social media profiles makes clear, he's particularly taken by birds as his collection is full of some fascinating specimens taken around the world.

And a couple of years ago, Murphy's travels took him to the forests of British Columbia.

As usual, he was on the prowl for some interesting birds. But even though this was hardly his first rodeo, he was still amazed to come across an amazing find.

As he put it, "It's like finding a needle in a hay stack."

And that's because he happened to discover a great gray owl while it was blending in with a tree.

Although it may have been harder to see in a more blurry photo, the high quality of Murphy's shot makes the proud owl stand out as clear as day.

It really captures both its beauty and that stern stare that says, "approach with caution."