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All Eyes Are On People Sharing Secrets From Their Industries

If you work in any job long enough, you begin to pick up the tricks of the trade. More often than not, most businesses aren't all that they appear to be.

Not only that, but by and large employees are getting tired of keeping their company's dirty little secrets. Now, all eyes are on those people who have begun sharing secrets from their industries.

It pays to be nice to the repair worker you call to your home.


"The guy who shows up at your house to make repairs is usually the guy who decides how much to charge you. Standing behind him while he works costs extra. Treating him like [expletive] costs extra. Being nice to him can save you a lot of money." - Reddit u/coolreg214

You can Google the solution to most of your IT problems.

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Redditor jtaylor9449 works in IT and supports this claim 100%. They say that a tech's expertise lies in their ability to search out the answer to difficult problems and to be able to communicate the solution to customers.

Don't tell your toddler anything you don't want repeated.

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According to this Reddit user and preschool teacher, your kids blab pretty much every little detail of what actually goes on at home. Most of the time, completely unprovoked.

The wi-fi at hotels is almost always free — even when they say otherwise.

Most hotels nowadays will try to lure you into joining their rewards club with the promise of free wi-fi. If you take a look at the available networks after checking in, you're more than likely to discover that one or all of them are open.

Olives are allegedly a hot commodity at Subway.

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Reddit user and Subway alum Kill_the_worms claims that sandwich artists have to keep a close eye on the number of toppings they dole out on your sub. For example, no more than six olives can be used per sandwich unless otherwise requested by a customer.

Goodwill isn't exactly concerned with the cleanliness of their product.

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This Reddit user who goes by the handle HellfireOrpheusTod says that Goodwill doesn't wash any of the product that is donated to them. So if you have plans to make a visit, make sure you load up on hand sanitizer.

The ugly truth about caskets.

"That casket has a huge markup and it is illegal for a funeral home to not let you source your own casket. In my area Amish make them and their prices run from reasonable to unreasonable and here's another tip - Walmart sells caskets." - Reddit u/samanthaspice

That custom suit tells a morbid story.

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"Most of our tailor shops are filled with suits that were made years and years ago. This is because most of them were made for people who died before they could be picked up. The others are often for weddings that got canceled after the suit was made." - Reddit u/V1P3R_101

Don't rely on a lifeguard to save your life.

Reddit user RingGiver works as a lifeguard and says that most lifeguard stations are either inadequate or totally inept. While some maintain high standards, most are completely unconcerned with their actual duties and are only there to party.

Just because it says "organic" on the bottle doesn't mean that it actually is.

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Atworkwasalreadytake used to be in sales and learned that one of their clients was putting organic milk in both regular and organic bottles and just selling them at different prices.

It's very probable that your local grocery store has mice or even worse — rats!

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"There are so many mice and/or rats in and around grocery stores. We are required by law to take measure[sic] to control the population and dispose of contaminated products, but short of a full blown[sic] infestation no store is going to be shut down for having mice." - Reddit u/Lostsonofpluto

The majority of skeletons that you see in a museum are replicas.

It's actually incredibly rare for archaeologists to find a fossilized skeleton totally intact. Most of what we see are composites that have either been specially made or 3D printed to scale.

Don't presume that your hotel is clean.

I would like to presume in the wake of the pandemic, that most hotel chains have completely revamped their cleaning process from top to bottom. That being said, you should always sanitize the TV remote, room phone, strip the comforter from the bed, and avoid the coffee maker.

Keep an eye on the train coming through your city.

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Reddit user Darth_potato_head wants you to know that the majority of conductors driving freight trains and passenger cars are incredibly overworked and sleep-deprived. Some have even been known to fall asleep on the job.

Teachers make fun of your kids in the staff room.

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While I was still in University, I accepted a grant to be a "Tutor in the Classroom" for the TVDSB. I was shocked to learn that the staff room is where the teachers go when they want to complain/make fun of their student.