Body Language Expert Analyzes Meghan Markle's BFF Priyanka Chopra Seemingly 'Snubbing' Kate Middleton

Body language is very important — just ask my husband! Sometimes, it's easy to say more by saying less. So whenever I see a body language expert analyzing something, I'm always very interested.

Now, a body language expert is breaking down the viral moment when actress and close friend of Meghan Markle, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, seemingly snubbed Kate Middleton at Wimbledon last week.

For those of you who don't know, Meghan Markle and actress Priyanka Chopra-Jonas have been besties for a long time.

The pair first met at the ELLE Women in Television dinner in 2015 and bonded over a shared passion not only for acting, but for humanitarian work as well.

"We bonded as actors," she said of their friendship in 2017. "We just became friends, like two girls would."

Priyanka has always been quick to defend her friend.

Many fans of this famous duo will remember when Priyanka shut down Wendy Williams in 2017 after the talk show host referred to Meghan as "Prince Harry's girlfriend."

"Also, Meghan Markle, actress, Suits, her achievements," she quipped back. "Just saying."

It's clear Priyanka is protective of her friend, which is completely understandable given Meghan's circumstance.

Meghan went from being a fellow actress and humanitarian to being one of the most gossiped about people in the world.

Now, fans are wondering if Priyanka snubbed Kate Middleton recently in an effort to show solidarity to her friend.

In case you missed it, a moment captured from Wimbledon went viral last week that featured Kate and Priyanka.

The video seemingly showed the actress not acknowledging the Duchess as she entered the stadium while everyone else in the crowd cheered.

Naturally, the petty people of the internet circulated the video quickly.

Now, body language expert Judi James is weighing in on the interaction and letting the fans know what she thinks really went down.

Speaking with Express UK, Judi said: "Was this a deliberate snub? In all fairness, I would have to say the footage is not totally conclusive."

She continued:

"In fact, if we were going to label Priyanka’s body language as a snub you might also have to include other names in that ritual as there are other celebrities also sitting close to Kate who appear to be busy and distracted as she arrives, including Billie Jean King who is actually totally friendly with Kate and who was seen laughing and joking with the Cambridge’s at the same event."

"Priyanka appears to be leaning to one side with her head ducked before Kate hones into view and seems to be very busy with her outfit, looking down to adjust some fabric as Kate takes her seat," Judi explained.

"She then looks away to the other side but it is not totally impossible to imagine she didn’t spot the royals in front of her and thought any clapping might have been for the arrival of the umpire or ball-boys!"

Judi added that Pryianka might just be aware of the attention she could draw and chose to disengage.

"Some other people sitting nearby do track Kate with their eyes and with wide smiles of appreciation and Priyanka clearly isn’t one of them, but some do also look more distracted and it is just possible that there is a tendency to not stare or gawp at the big names in the box."

She concluded: "Perhaps Priyanka was remembering her close friend Meghan’s desire for privacy when she was at Wimbledon in previous years and is keen to avoid making Kate feel the same!"

I think there's a good chance Priyanka didn't mean to come across as she did, or maybe, she was having her friend Meghan's back!

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h/t: Express UK