Funny Tweets From Moms Who Are Brutally Honest

Alicia D'Aversa

Being a mom is hard work. No matter what we do, we feel like we are failing in some way. From kids who say ridiculous things to kids who ridiculous things, there are some days when we feel like we are flopping in the mom department.

But, luckily, there are Twitter and other moms who feel the same to keep us laughing and get us by.

That pain is unbearable.

The actual sounds that come out of us when there is a LEGO on the floor and we step on it—it's loud enough to wake the dead.

So yeah, good luck trying to break in when I'm screaming bloody murder.

Do moms every get to eat?

What is it about kids that every single time that they see us eating, they immediately want what we are eating?

The few times we actually get to have something for ourselves, of course. And, they never even finish it!

It's just too much.

Kids are just so strange sometimes. You can't win with them.

They're mad at you for one thing, they cry about another. This mom totally gets that no matter what we do, we can't win.

How do we explain this one to the teacher.

Dogs may eat homework all the time, seeing paper just laying around.

But, how do we moms explain to the teacher that our other kid decided to get down on the addition homework from last night without looking like a failure?

You do the math.

For some reason, shoes in everyone's house have a mind of their own.

They can't go in the bedroom or the closet because all the kids think they need selection right by the front door for everyone to trip all over. It's a mess.

Lies upon lies.

Moms know that lying is our best friend, sometimes.

Especially when it comes to white lies and rules. We don't make the rules that our kids screen and cry over. It isn't us. For sure.

It's a win for me.

Let dad be the one who tells the best, most exciting, adventurous bedtime stories so mom can be left alone during bedtime and get a break from all of that chaos.

I'll be here with my wine if you need me.

This mom gets it.

So many people and parents shame other moms for letting their kids on their iPad or watching TV for extended periods of time.

This mom just totally gets the deal that we can't control all of the tech anymore!

Kids say the darndest things.

We all have experiences where our kids say things that don't always come out the way we want them to.

Like this little girl who says that her mommy "hits her," when in reality it's just a high-five!

Privacy, at last.

Is it me, or do kids not understand the word "privacy," at all. Especially when it comes to the bathroom.

Mommy just needs a few moments of peace and quiet so she can pee, without you and the dog on my foot.

Jokes on us.

My house is overflowing with toys, as I'm sure yours is too.

Kids today have so many toys, but in the end, they just want to watch something on Disney+ or Netflix so the joke is on us.

Need to make up for lost times.

Does anyone else feel robbed of not having a gender reveal party?

I love the idea of getting more gifts to use towards my child who costs me an arm and a leg. Send them my way!

This kid is on a roll.

She knows that hitting kids may not be this mom's style, but her brother is acting out of line, and she believes a whooping will put him in his place.

This kid should be a lawyer, telling you.

Proud moment.

This mom is confused about whether this should be a parenting win or fail.

Well, I'm telling you right now this is an ultimate parenting win. No tears and a pep talk? I'll take it for the gold.

Maybe we should try that one out.

The worst is hearing your kids say they will do it later. But, when they need mom to do something, they need it done right away.

Maybe we'll get to dinner when we get to it, too. Hows' that one for size?