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Tattoo Artist Translates Client's Badly Drawn Sketch Into A Work Of Art

I don't know about you, but I find tattoo art so amazing. I mean, how do they even do it? It's hard enough to draw something on paper and have it make sense, much less on somebody's actual skin.

I've got the perfect example that illustrates this so vividly. A tattoo artist was able to translate a badly drawn sketch into a stunning piece.

It's never easy to explain what you want to a tattoo artist, especially if you don't have a reference picture.

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That was the dilemma Sierra Alexis faced. She knew the concept in her head but lacked the needed drawing skills.

However, she took a crack at it anyway and made a poorly drawn sketch.

Then she explained to the person tattooing her exactly what her vision was. Needless to say, she was really hoping and praying they would understand it.

She waited patiently until the artist was finished.

And when she glanced upon the final design, she was totally blown away. He did understand what she wanted. Not only that, but he gave her a tattoo she could never even have imagined.

Can you believe this man?

How in the world was he able to translate this crappy drawing into a stunning tattoo like this one? I guess we will never know, ha, ha. I bet this lady was so relieved when she saw it.

So who is this genius that read Sierra's mind?

It's none other than Kendrick Wright, the CEO of SadistiK InK tattoo shop. The shop is known for sick tattoos such as this one and many other cool ones. Wow, how awesome is that?

I bet she was all too happy to show it off every chance she got.

Twitter | @sierraalexiss_

But honestly, this could have turned out much worse if she didn't go to a talented artist. Am I right? So happy to see she's enjoying her tattoo now.

After Sierra took to Twitter to post her tattoo pictures, people had so many funny comments about it.

This thread is one of my favorites hehe. I can see why they're saying this. It kind of looks like it, no?

Her post was so popular that it pretty much went viral.

She got over 200K likes, 54K retweets, and 2K quote tweets. Wow! I guess everyone can appreciate good work when they see it, especially coming from such a badly drawn sketch idea, huh?

So what do you think of this?

Do you agree that the tattoo artist did a great job here? After all, he only had a poor drawing and the words of this lady. If only all men could understand what we women want as good as he did, hehe. Am I right, ladies?

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