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We'll Take A DIY Wedding Over One That's Professionally Planned Any Day

Here's the thing: I'm a millennial.

I know, I know. Boos all around from Gen Z. However, being a millennial is a nightmare, especially when it comes to doing things that our parents took for granted — aka buying a house, or throwing a wedding.

See, weddings are more expensive than ever these days. And as someone who is planning a wedding, I just have to say: WTF?

There is no way I'm not DIY-ing half my wedding.

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First of all, I'm pretty damn handy. In fact, I run my own business that specializes in art prints, sticker design, and enamel pins.

With those skills alone, I can do a ton of things for my own wedding. I plan on designing our invitations, DIYing the centerpieces and signage, and hiring my friends and their businesses for wedding favors.

And second of all, I have no interest in breaking the bank for a wedding.

My generation's attitude about weddings is drastically different from our parents' attitudes.

When my mom got married, she had a HUGE wedding with hundreds of people, expensive food, and zero control on the bride's part. And she hated it.

If there's one thing she impressed upon me when I got engaged, it's to manage your budget according to what's important to you. And what's important to my future wife and me isn't our big day — it's our life after!

I know wedding planning can be stressful.

Unsplash | Sofia Hernandez

We're in the middle of it right now, and it's definitely no walk in the park. But it's fun for us. We're both of the opinion that this should be something fun that we do together, not a chore that will turn us into Bridezillas.

Combining our talents, research skills, and opinions has been a total ball. Why would I want to give any of that up and have a professional take over everything?

I don't want a sleek wedding, I want a real wedding!

We don't have the budget — or the want — to have someone else take over our wedding.

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Instead, I want to get my hands dirty and do all the things people groan about having to do. Yes, it will be stressful. Yes, we'll get frazzled. But if we're not having fun planning our wedding, then what's the point?

I can't wait to do craft store runs, try out different invitation designs, and experiment with mixing our styles. At the end of the day, I want to plan a wedding and a future our way — no professionals needed.

(Except for the food — I'm frugal, not insane.)