Hilary Duff Shares Intimate Photos From Her Daughter's 'Birth Day'

Giving birth is one of the most special things any human can experience — it's truly the miracle of life! As we know, there are so many different ways (and places!) to give birth; at the hospital, at home, in the water, with or without an epidural, via C-Section — the list goes on!

Now, Hilary Duff is sharing her at-home birthing experience in a series of intimate new Instagram pics.

While we all know and love Hilary Duff from her time on the Disney channel, she is best known now for being a candid celebrity parent.

With millions of people watching your every move, it's going to be hard to please everyone, especially when so many people think that their version of parenting is the only right way to do it.

As you may recall, fans were divided after Hilary shared a picture of her water birth to daughter Mae back in March.

As fans know, Hilary was already mom to daughter Banks, born on October 25th, 2018, and son Luca, born on March 20th, 2012.

Hilary shared a black-and-white photo that showed her daughter Banks in the water with her during the birthing process.

"Mae James Bair - We LOVE you beauty 3-24-21," Hilary captioned sweet shot.

Of course, people had a lot of thoughts about Banks being in the water with Hilary, but it's clear that decision was right for their family!

Now, Hilary is sharing a series of intimate shots from her birthing experience on Instagram.

"Feeling ready to share some photos of Mae Mae’s birth day!!!" Hilary captioned the post. "For me to feel safe during birth and get to where I need to go, it’s crucial to have the right support system. The perfect amount of space, counter-pressure, humor, stillness and people that support my power."

"My hubby is the most calm anchor in the room when I feel like climbing the walls and my little Molly is an extraordinary doula who sat with me when I needed to be still and quiet."

"My own mama was there to make all the snacks and watch with a big nervous smile as her baby brings her a new grandbaby earthside," she explained.

"This is hard work…every way a woman brings a baby in is. From getting pregnant, to c-sections, hospital or home births, the breast feeding journey (oy vey that one gets me every time) and raising these little beings responsibly to be stand up, confidant, kind citizens of the world."

"It’s completely consuming. A tedious, magical, miraculous adventure…So cheers almighty mothers. You make mountains move daily," she concluded.

What a touching tribute to such a special experience! Scroll though Hilary's pictures above or right here