People Are Sharing Which Celebrity Deaths Hit Them The Hardest

We all have one or maybe a few celebrity deaths that impacted us deeply. Be it an actor we grew up with, a musician we adored, or whatever else, the death of a public figure can be hard to grapple with when they were a big part of your life.

Twitter user @JerasIkehorn asked which celebrity death hit people the hardest. These were some of the answers.

Phil Hartman.

"Phil Hartman, I was 11 and obsessed with The Simpsons and SNL, I came home from school and my Mom sent me upstairs to talk to my Dad in private, when he told me the news, and that his wife killed him and herself, I was completely wrecked. Such an incredible talent," said one reply, remembering the comedian and actor for what he was.

Carrie Fisher.

"Carrie Fisher, she was the soul of Star Wars that inspired a generation of women that princesses can be heroes too!" said another reply, choosing to remember Fisher for her profound influence as well as her talents.

Alan Rickman.

Some people want to remember these people for more than their most famous work though, as seen by this person who chose Alan Rickman.

"Alan Rickman. I screamed when I read the news. Forget Harry Potter. He was a man of many talents and I still miss him."

Amy Winehouse.

There are some who remember the circumstances around one's death as much as they did her life, like this person who wrote, "I was in high school when it was reported that she passed away & I remember the misogynistic, heartless stuff guys from my school posted about her death. She was mistreated by society & I wish she was given a true chance to heal."

Steve Irwin.

The universally loved Crocodile Hunter is still being remembered today by those who were touched by his work.

"I was only 5 when he passed, but the more I grow up the more I realize how much of an impact he made on who I am today and how I see the world. Steve Irwin was truly one of the greatest humans to ever live," read one reply.

David Bowie.

The talent behind some truly timeless songs, David Bowie still has a very loyal fanbase who recognize his influence.

As described by one user, "He had a very long, accomplished career during which he never hesitated to take creative leaps into unknown voids. In that respect, he remains unparalleled."

Michael Jackson.

A death that truly shocked the world was Michael Jackson's, and the moment the news broke is still a vivid memory for many.

"I was 13 and I told my parents and they froze. I didn’t know much about him but became a big fan after his death. Wish I could [have] seen him in concert. I remember that summer of 2009 vividly."

Kurt Cobain.

Another famous musician that was loved by many and gone far too soon, but even today he continues to be adored. One reply described how they found out about his death, remembering exactly where and when it happened.

"I was standing 6,000 miles away from home looking at a news stand when I saw [the People magazine cover stating his death]. I stopped dead in my tracks, bought the magazine, sat down and didn't get up until I had finished reading it. It hit really hard. Never knew or was a fan of anyone that had died before that."

Whitney Houston.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest singers, well, ever, Whitney Houston's death was difficult for many.

As one user put it, "She was the pinnacle of talent, beauty and genius. [...] she was not just gifted with a superb voice, she knew exactly how to use it. At all times. Her taste, her tenderness, her raw power- all enrobed in that incomparable insuperable loss."

Kobe Bryant.

Still fresh in the minds of many is the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gigi Bryant. They both passed in January of 2020 in a helicopter crash, shocking the world.

One reply explained why it was so impactful. "Just the magnitude of it, parents and kids, entire families destroyed - and it didn’t have to happen! It is still painful to think about."

Naya Rivera and Chadwick Boseman.

Someone else who listed Bryant added two other 2020 deaths that felt surreal.

"The 1-2-3 punch of Kobe Bryant, Naya Rivera and Chadwick Boseman last year was really tragic. All were super young and sudden. Kobe died with his child, Naya died saving her child, and Chadwick had been visiting children with cancer while hiding his diagnosis from the world."

Chester Bennington.

One that's personal to me is Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. One person who described their experience with him rings similar to my own.

"Linkin Park was the first band I ever got into, and I grew up listening to their music evolve. I had tickets to go see them in August before he passed. I think about him at least once a week. His passing truly opened my eyes to mental health, and hit [me] hard"


Prince, another musician that's still treasured dearly to this very day for not only his talent, but his impacts on the world as a whole.

But, of course, his fans will never forget him. "His music and artistry inspired [me] in so many ways, I’ve got a lot to thank him for. His death definitely struck a major chord for me. Despite that, he may be gone but he’ll never be forgotten. Long Live His Majesty’s Purple Reign."

Anthony Bourdain.

"When someone I really liked...professionally and personally...who seemingly had it all...whose talents and humor were boundless...takes his own life without really made me question my priorities."

Some deaths really put things into perspective, as seen here with this retrospective on Anthony Bourdain.

Robin Williams.

That shock people felt with Anthony Bourdain is often mentioned or compared to that felt at the death of Robin Williams, as both took their own lives.

"I still cry to this day when I think of the tragic loss of such a talented and beautiful soul as Robin Williams," wrote one reply, "So much that it’s difficult to even watch his movies. The only exception is What Dreams May Come which gives me hope of the world he might inhabit now."

Fred Rogers.

And speaking of actors who never failed to put a smile on one's face, the death of Mr. Rogers was a tough one for many.

In fact, one person said they, "Instantly tear up just thinking about having lost Mister Rogers," and once again liken his death to that of Robin Williams.

River Phoenix.

Celebrities who pass retain their fans forever, like this person who says that River Phoenix is still their favorite actor all these years later.

"I was just thinking about Running on Empty & Little Nikita today. He was a childhood hero & he's still one of my favorite actors. As I became aware of his musical talent, conscience & activism, I was totally in awe of him."


Still regarded as an icon and legend today is Selena, who had an extremely influential time in the spotlight.

As perfectly summed up by the person who listed her, "So young, so talented, so tragic... an amazing representative of her culture."

Stephen Hillenburg.

Stephen Hillenburg was behind thousands of childhoods, having created SpongeBob SquarePants as well as doing plenty of work on Rocko's Modern Life. He passed away from ALS in 2018.

"SpongeBob has always been my absolute favorite series to ever come out of Nickelodeon, so to hear of his tragic struggle with, and death from, ALS made me extremely depressed," wrote one reply.

Brittany Murphy.

"Me and my cousins cried in front of the tv when Brittany Murphy died and then we watched Uptown Girls to heal," said one user, who listed only one of the countless films in which she had iconic roles.