Valerie Bertinelli Makes Emotional Post After Reading 'Stupid' Comments About Her Weight

The past year has been difficult for Valerie Bertinelli, as she had to deal with the loss of her ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen who passed away from cancer.

Bertinelli has also been very open and honest about her struggles with her body, and she once again opened up about that in an Instagram post, after seeing a comment about her weight made online.

The world, unfortunately, is full of people who try to put others down.

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Thankfully, the good people outweigh the bad, but the bad people tend to talk the loudest.

With social media at such a high point in 2021, people think they can hide behind their phones and comment rude things on other people's posts.

This includes people talking down to others over their physical appearance.

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Which is just awful.

Putting down someone for how they look is just a terrible thing to do, and can really hurt someone's self-esteem.

It happens a lot to celebrities, too.

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Because they have such huge platforms, they also get a ton of hate.

That is exactly what happened to Valerie Betinelli, who decided to speak out about her experience.

In case you need a refresher on who Valerie Betinelli is, she is a famous Food Network star.

She was also the wife of rocker Eddie Van Halen, who died in 2020. They were married from 1981 to 2007.

And just like every other celeb, she has to deal with some shaming.

Valerie Bertinelli opened up recently in a very emotional video about a comment that brought her to tears.

“Someone … decided to point out that I needed to lose weight,” she said, clearly on the verge of tears.

“Because see, I don't have a scale or I don't have clothes that I'm trying to put on every day and I don't have mirrors so I don't see what's become of me,”

“So I needed that help to let me know that I need to lose weight.”

She continued by saying:

“You're not being helpful. Because when you see somebody who has put some weight on, my first thought is, ‘That person is obviously going through some things.’”

On the actual Instagram post, she wrote:

"aren’t we tired of body shaming women yet?! smh. I was going to delete my stories because it’s a little embarrassing and scary to be so vulnerable."

"But then I realized it was hitting a ‘good’ nerve with so many of you who were so sweet to dm and share your same vulnerability and struggles."

"We all could use a little more kindness and patience and grace, because we just never know what someone else is going through. So here it is. Not deleting. Owning it."

The comments under her Instagram post were nothing short of supportive.

Love poured in for her, as it very well should.

People should not be commenting on other people's weights, and we just feel bad that Valerie had to even be put through this!

The journey to self-acceptance is difficult, so we're happy to see that Valerie is being her authentic self.

So if you're around on Instagram, make sure to go show her some love.

Clearly, she could use it, and clearly, the trolls need to see that they're outnumbered!