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Woman Shares PSA After Almost Getting Drugged At A Bar

Have you ever taken a sip from a glass and thought to yourself "did someone put something in my cup?"

I can honestly say that I have not. That's my male privilege: I don't have to worry that some stranger might wind up sexually assaulting me.

But sadly, for countless women around the world that isn't the case. Have a look as this woman shares a PSA after almost getting drugged at a bar.

"I had a really scary experience with my friend last night," Aili begins in her video.

She says that she and her friend decided to go out to a bar that both girls had never been to before. Shortly after arriving, they surveyed their surroundings and decided to grab some drinks.

While her friend was up at the bar buying their second round, Aili noticed a man walking toward her.

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"And this guy came up to me and asked if I wanted a drink," she said.

Since Aili was standing behind her friend, she figured that the man hadn't noticed her waiting in line.

She politely refused the offer, explaining that her friend was indeed ahead of the line and was already buying drinks for both of them.

After paying, the two girls took their cocktails and headed out to the patio.

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Not long after they'd sat down, Aili noticed the man she'd just spoken to inside sit down at the table next to them along with two of his friends.

"At this point, we thought nothing of it because you never do," Aili said with an air of regret.

The two girls then decided to head back inside and hit the dance floor. Aili makes a point of saying how excited she was and how much she was looking forward to this moment:

"I've never gotten to dance with this friend before," she goes on to say.

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"And we were having the time of our lives until those men showed up on the dancefloor."

Up until that point, they told everyone who asked to dance with them that they were gay, and were just trying to dance with each other.

Only these men wouldn't take no for an answer.

They kept on persisting and insisting that Aili and her friend dance with them.

After awhile, they finally seemed to take the hint and by the end of the night — it was just Aili and her friend dancing alone.

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"And the two guys from earlier come up to us and shove beers in our hands."

"They didn't say "we bought you these drinks," they didn't say "do you want a drink?" They just put them in our hands."

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Without thinking, Aili's friend immediately began gulping her drink.

Just as Aili was about to bring the glass to her lips, a kind of innate alarm bell started going off inside her — warning her to not take a single sip of what had just been forcefully given to her.

Instead, Aili gave the drink back, instructing the man who had given it to her to take a sip.

He was so taken aback that all he could say was "no."

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Aili immediately pulled the cup away from her friend and told her that it was time to go home.

As the two girls were leaving the bar, Aili's friend all of a sudden lost control of her motor functions and began slurring her speech.

Once they'd reached the outdoors, Aili again was approached by the man who had tried to give her the tainted cup.

It got to the point where she had to physically push him off of her, and Aili says that were it not for the fact that she's so physically strong — he might have overpowered her.

As Aili and her intoxicated friend waited for their uber, she made eye contact with the two men from the bar.

But before she could turn to alert her friend and the driver, they disappeared into the night. Once her adrenaline began to calm down, Aili started to realize the gravity of the situation.

She said that the reason why she made the video is that she understands that while she and her friend made it home safely — that there are countless women who do not.

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Aili says that if you know someone who needs to see this, please share it far and wide.

I think we can all give Aili a huge thank you for her video and for sharing her story.

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Unfortunately, women are often placed in these situations, so it's incredibly important that we look out for each other in such a scary world!