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We Can All Learn Something From These Selfless Acts Of Kindness

The past 1.5 years have been hard. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked our world, leaving many people feeling sad, scared, and alone. At times, it can be hard to think of anything else.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that just because the world has gone temporarily sideways, that there aren't still good people in it. Have a look as people share all the selfless things they've done without anyone knowing.

Buying medicine for those who can't afford it.

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This Redditor says that the lady in front of them didn't have enough money to be able to afford the $200 worth of insulin. Instead of letting her walk away ashamed and embarrassed, they decided to foot the bill.

Paying for a school trip so that a student wouldn't feel left out.

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"I recently found out that my moms[sic] former boss paid for my 7 day[sic] field trip to Washington DC from Los Angeles when I was in fifth grade. (A school trip but the parents had to pay for it)." - Reddit u/CATXNC

Simple acknowledgement can go a long way.

"It’s not much, but whenever I see a work of art online, be it a painting/drawing, original music, a dance, creative writing, etc, I always try to leave a small compliment/acknowledgement of their work because I know how much courage it takes to post your creative work online," explained Drew Anderson.

It's on the house.

Unsplash | Christin Hume

This IT worker understands the disparity of finances that exists among their clients.

That's why whenever they go into a home where it's obvious the inhabitants are barely scraping by, they either charge a nominal fee or completely waive it altogether.

Cat people are people too.

Unsplash | Daria Shatova

This user says that they helped raise funds for their college friend's cat to be able to get surgery. Both friends had been trying desperately to raise funds with little luck.

At the last minute, overstitches added a considerable amount of their own money to the fund.

The candy man can.

This Reddit user has a soft spot for cashiers.

Whenever they walk into a store and see someone behind the counter having a bad day, they ask them what their favorite candy is — and then they buy it to give to them.

Helping ensure that finances don't take precedent over grief.

Unsplash | Karim MANJRA

"I lost my mom earlier this year and am still working through the grief," said Reddit user thatgirlmocha. "The first week a came back my coworkers had gave[sic] me a check for several hundred dollars as a kind gesture. I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity."

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Reddit user WatchingInSilence said that a lot of homeless people in Maui feed themselves by fishing.

When they saw the tattered remains of an old man's rod, they quickly drove to the store in order to buy him a brand new one.

Nobody likes to be hangry.

Unsplash | Sander Dalhuisen

"I was at a cricket match recently and a guy working at the bar was complaining to his coworker that he hadn’t had eaten all day, so I bought a bag of chips and went back to the bar threw them his way and said “hope this helps!” - Reddit u/lexicats

The things that we take for granted.

Unsplash | Joseph Barrientos

A homeless man was walking around town without any shoes and severely sunburned feet.

When Redditor Fuzzy_Burrito saw this they pulled over, pulled out their brand new sneakers from the trunk, and handed them over.

Imagine not being able to afford peanut butter?

For most of us, the thought is hard to fathom.

So when this anonymous stranger overheard a woman at the grocery store explaining that she didn't have enough money for peanut butter, they snuck $50 into her purse.

Making a child's dream come true when their parents can't.

Unsplash | Scott Goodwill

"I paid for these 2 boys to go to camp with my kids that week," explained Redditor bob_12_Pack. "I'm not rich by any means, but managed to make it happen."

Reddit user Sabishbash understands that frostbite is a serious problem in the homeless community.

Unsplash | Matt Collamer

"So I put together 10 winter kits each with new socks, a beanie and gloves, a face-mask, rain poncho, emergency blanket, water bottles, some food, chapstick and many hand/feet warmers," they said.

Make a wish come true.

Unsplash | Murillo de Paula

Redditor dartdoug went on the website on the website onesimplewish.org that's designed to help gift foster children things that their foster families wouldn't normally be able to afford.

For less than $200, they were able to buy a child a brand new bicycle.

How do you measure a year in a life?

"I paid for a stranger's rent for about a year. They had no clue who I was or that I did it. They'd recently had a very tragic medical circumstance and were struggling with school, medical bills, etc." - Reddit u/WereOnTheEdgeOfGlory