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Stories That Definitively Show People Can Get Fired For Anything

If there are two words people dread most, it's this: "You're fired."

While the reasons are often valid — you were late everyday or didn't perform up to standard — some have been let go for completely ridiculous reasons.

We're talking missing work for a family death or being treated as a scapegoat.

For more, here are 10+ stories that show how people can get fired for anything these days.

The lost voice.

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When pneumonia took away this Redditor's voice, they asked their mom to call their boss and call in sick.

The next day, the boss fired them for having "mommy" call in to miss a shift.

The unprofessional boss.


"I got fired from Sonic when I told them I was no longer going to be available for last minute call ins because I'd gotten a second job. My boss was not happy, because I lived the closest. So he stormed off and started screaming, "Guess this is Professional_March54's last day! I hope your happy!" - Redditor Professional_March54

The accidental shift.

"I was fired for accidentally showing up for a shift I was not scheduled for and then leaving when I found out I was not scheduled for said shift." - Redditor deleted

The jilted priorities.

When this Redditor got a call that his uncle was in the hospital and needed him, he told his boss he had to leave.

Instead of being compassionate, the boss told him, "Your job comes before family. If you leave, don't come back."

The scapegoat.

"Someone was stealing from the register. I got blamed. Turned out to be the owner's brother (who blamed it on me). I was let go just before Thanksgiving. I never got my job back, but the owner did apologize months later." - Redditor wombatarangutan

The missed meeting.

If you miss an after-hours meeting, normally you don't get in trouble.

But when a new superior at a private school held a meeting the night before Thanksgiving and a teacher didn't attend, they were let go.

The retirement package.

"Guy preparing to retire, who had been training me to take over his job for the past 7 months, felt I was ready to take over completely. Boss was afraid to lose 30+ years of experience and fired me to keep the old guy for a little longer." - Redditor engineertr1gg

The wedding date.

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When this Redditor accepted a new job, they made sure to notify their employer that they needed a day off for their sister's wedding.

But when things went awry when they were gone, they were canned for being away.

Insult to injury.

"I broke my hand and got fired for asking to take a day off to go to the doctor, I never called in there once in the five years I worked there." - Redditor myneighborsowndildos

The dramatic exit.

Have you ever gotten fired for a "lack of commitment to the theater?"

This Redditor did and the reason is so bogus. He accepted a job with the promise of a set schedule. But when they changed it and he couldn't make the new schedule work because of school, he was let go.

Child's play.

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"I was fired for playing solitaire on my 15 min break when I was working as a receptionist. The doctor who owned the clinic was dumb enough to put that as the reason in my termination letter. I collected unemployment after he tried to appeal it. They explained in great detail how stupid of a reason this was for termination." - Redditor Elsa_the_Archer

Stabbed in the back.

This Redditor was working a temp job that refused to replace the blades in their box cutters.

Instead of using a dull blade, they brought in their own and were fired since it "looked like a knife."

The missing ketchup.

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"I made it to month three when I was fired for not putting ketchup on a customer’s table. They were eating shepherds pie and salad respectively and didn’t even ask for ketchup." - Redditor SpyJane

A McUnfair Meal.

When this Redditor was working at McDonald's, they weren't allowed to go on a break by the shift manager.

They responded with, "Thanks a lot," which got wrongfully twisted into them telling them to [expletive] off. Boom, fired.

The nosy parents.


"My first job ever was as a dish washer. I was so proud. I was 18. Of course, my parents didnt believe me so my mom called them and asked them if it was true. They fired me that night because they felt I was unreliable. I have yet to let my folks live that one down..." - Redditor deleted

The prodigal son arrives.

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"I got fired for taking time off when my first son was born. Yes, for the birth of my son," this Redditor wrote. This was even after he reminded them several times about his time off.

Not working for the weekend.

"Supposedly, I 'argued with the owner's wife about working weekends.' I specifically told them I can work weekends, but cannot work anytime with less than a day's notice. I'm not at your beck and call for $8 an hour, [expletive] me right?" - Redditor PhoenixQueenAzula

The drought.

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"My wife got fired once for giving a high level donor (she worked for an art gallery) a bottle of water at a big dinner and art auction. Her boss had insisted that there be no water at the event, but when the donor asked for water, my wife went and found some damn water. Boss found out and fired her the next day for insubordination." - Redditor RocketDocRyan

The funky rhythm.

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One Redditor marches to the beat of their own drum — and got fired for it!

They were fired from a construction crew for banging their hammer in a funky rhythm, even though it helps with accuracy.