People Share Their Stories About Randomly Running Into Celebrities

Celebrities are really just normal everyday people, like you and me. As a matter of fact, you're probably even more likely to spot one out in the real world than you are on a red carpet.

So much so that people can't stop sharing their stories about randomly running into celebrities in the real world. Have a look, you never know who you might run into next.

Running into a very confused (and high) Lil Pump at the airport.

Lil Pump's reputation as a drug connoisseur precedes him. He ran into howhao1999 as he was on his way to Boyscout Camp, and supposedly the hip-hop artist was so high — that he mistook him for a military officer.

Shaking hands with the President on the golf course.

You have to admit, it's a pretty purposeful power move for Barack Obama to not come down to this man's level. It's almost like the former President is literally saying "I'm above you."

Mean-mugging with Beyoncé

According to this Reddit user, their friend met Queen Bey while visiting New Orleans. They posed for this photo together and the iconic artist supposedly said, "Whatever face you make, I'll make." That's a look that clearly states "don't [expletive] with me."

Meeting Forest Whittaker in Uganda.

The Oscar-winning actor was apparently in Uganda filming a nature documentary on rhinoceros. "Before he left he walked up to us and said it would be okay for a photo," writes 3vanessence. "It was really cool to meet him."

Have you ever played soccer with Peter Dinklage?

"I admire Mr. Dinklage and I personally think he is a superb actor and I love his character on Game of Thrones. I had a chance to express my appreciation for his work which I think he appreciated in return." - Reddit u/jaycinators

From one American hero to another...

"Two years ago I met Chris Evans while deployed to Qatar," Redditor ColinMansfield said. "As we wait for the trailer for (possibly) his last Marvel movie, I want to publicly thank him for everything he’s done for this franchise. Thanks Cap!"

When you're Jim Carrey is better than Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey is a childhood hero of mine, so this picture hits especially hard. Full credit to this Reddit user whose impression of the Grinch rivals that of Jim Carrey himself.

Patrick Stewart may just be the nicest celebrity of all time.

At least according to this Redditor. They happened to bump into Sir Patrick and were absolutely shocked at how engaged and excited he was with his fans. We'd expect nothing less.

What do *The Avengers* do when they aren't avenging?

Redditor sadokistpotato said that they ran into Captain Marvel at their local AMC. Did anyone else notice how Brie is totally wearing some movie merch with the exact same logo as her title character?

Getting *Home Improvement* tips from Richard Karn.

Richard was best known for playing Al Borland on the '90s sitcom Home Improvement. This Redditor says that Richard was all smiles during their entire interaction and that he was a true gem of a person.

The Force is strong with Ewan McGregor.

Hello there, Ewan McGregor! You couldn't possibly look any less enthused to be taking a picture with one of your fans. I would have been fearful he'd pull out his lightsaber and strike me down on the spot.

Two strangers on a train.

How ironic is it that on a midnight train to Prague, Redditor milenskaya happened to meet the cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel?

Supposedly, Jeff Goldblum was especially kind and they even had drinks together while they traveled.

Aaaay! It's Barry Zuckerkorn!

Nowadays, when Henry Winkley gets stopped on the street, do you think the majority of his fans are referencing Happy Days or Arrested Development?

I'm honestly inclined to think the latter, as crazy as that is to say.

Bruce Wayne flies coach.

I never would have guessed it. With all that money at his disposal, I definitely would have figured Bruce Wayne to fly private — or at the very least business class.

He really is the superhero that we both need and deserve.

Running into a real life Ghostbuster at a ball game.

This lucky young fan had the chance to meet comedy legend Bill Murray while attending a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Oh, what I wouldn't give for the chance to sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" with Bill.

The perfect day to wear your Guy Fieri t-shirt.

The shirt is a play on Guy's TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network.

I wonder where you get a shirt like that; can somebody let me know?

Rosemary Harris poses with a young fan.

Rosemary Harris is one of the more well-respected and acclaimed actresses of hers or any generation. But if you were born after 1985, then you most likely will remember her as Aunt May from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

"I just met Hodor at the airport!"

If I was working as a part of the flight crew and I saw Kristian Nairn walking toward me in order to board the plane, I'd purposely make it look like I was closing the door just so I could hear him yell "Hold the door!"

A very dapper (and young looking) Bruce Campbell.

"I met Bruce Campbell at a wedding reception in 1996. Here's us sharing a strawberry :)," Reddit user AesaGaming said.

She seems young to be a fan, but then again — I wasn't much older when I saw The Evil Dead for the first time.

You won't like him when he's angry...

"My brother and I met our favorite super hero[sic] (The Hulk) when we were 4. We were pissed off because Lou Ferrigno wasn’t green." - Reddit u/DustyPlumper180

If you're going to troll Hugh Jackman, this is without a doubt the best way to do it.

It's a little difficult to make out, but the fan in this picture is wearing a custom dress plastered with the face of Hugh's mortal 'frenemy' — Ryan Reynolds.

This fan says that Paul Rudd is all we believe him to be and more.

It's difficult to see but Paul Rudd is actually wearing a Thelonius Monk t-shirt.

Could it be that he was channeling the spirit of Mike Hannigan that day or is he perhaps a closet jazz fan?

This fan claims that Gwyneth Paltrow is a poor tipper.

"I worked with Gwyneth Paltrow's children for eight weeks at a camp, and we got paid $5 an hour. Parents usually tip $100 or more at the end, but she didn't tip at all." - Buzzfeed Community u/mattymo56

Tom Hanks pondering the many mysteries of the modern banana.

If you don't get Tom Hanks to hold up a banana for scale when you pose for a photo with him, then what was the point of doing it in the first place?

There goes my hero...

"So yesterday I met my hero Dave Grohl and took a selfie with the Foo Fighters," Reddit user tmklsh said. "The tour manager nearly killed me."

I'd say that for this picture, it was well worth the risk.

It's Aquaman, not Aqua-Lady.

"That one time we met Jason Momoa and my husband came up with this great idea. Two years later and I haven't washed my hair!"

I think I'd faint on the spot if Jason Mamoa came within three feet of me.

Snoop Dogg isn't a heartbreaker.

These two girls ran into Snoop Dogg in an elevator.

Their initial request for a photo was shut down but after some careful coaxing from one of the girl's uncles — Snoop Dogg agreed to the photo.

Imagine running into *Happy Gilmore* at Subway in the mall.

I can only assume that Adam was there picking up Subway. That's a Happy Gilmore reference for all you kids born after 1994.

If you don't understand why it's funny then you have some homework to do.

Diehard fans of *The Office* will no doubt recall Hidetoshi Imura.

This former Japanese heart surgeon fled Japan for Scranton, PA after he 'mistakingly' killed the Yakuza boss on the operating table!

The fact that he's still wearing a Dunder Mifflin shirt is priceless.

It's Jack Black and his younger self.

"I met Jack Black tonight," wrote Reddit user mynameisblair. "He looked into my eyes and said "it's like looking in a young mirror"."

This is awesome. It isn't every day you get the chance to meet your very own celebrity doppelganger.

Rihanna goes the extra mile for this restaurant server.

According to this Buzzfeed Community member, he met Rihanna back in '08 while waiting tables in college.

Not only was Rihanna gracious and kind but she also signed a stack of napkins for the staff.