Small Business Owner Claps Back At 1-Star Review From 'Sticker Karen'

Being a business owner must come with a sense of pride. Even though you may not be able to make every customer's experience amazing, you still try to work hard and make your store the best it can be.

So when you get a review that blasts you for something that isn't even your fault, then it can get pretty annoying, as this business owner has learned.

All of this over some stickers.

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Austin Scott, a TikTok user and owner of the Neighborhood Trading Company in Galena, Illinois, received an unnecessarily harsh review over a $126 sticker sale he'd made, Daily Dot reports.

He tells the whole story in his TikTok video, visibly frustrated at the whole situation.

It started when two girls bought 40 stickers.

The girls bought 40 stickers, which were $4 each. Scott, knowing that $160 in stickers would be a lot, gave them a secret buy three, get one free sale and an additional 10% off to cushion some of the cost, rounding it down to around $126.

The girls paid for it no problem.

They thought nothing of it an handed Scott their card, and the sale was done. Scott then told his employee about the sale, amazed that anyone's parents would let them spend so much money on some stickers.

But it couldn't be that easy.

The next day, the same employer showed Scott a Google review that had been left for their store. In it, a woman, going by the name of Kitten Gordon, gave the store one star.

She'd seen a sale sign for a much higher discount.

In the review, she states that there was a 20 for $5 sale on stickers, so she let her daughters get 20 each. She then complains that they only got 20 for $5 on one set of stickers, and had to pay for the rest.

That sale didn't even exist.

Scott continues the TikTok by stating that there was no such sale, and says that he replied to the review by saying the same thing. There was no sticker sale other than buy three, get one free, so they got 11 free stickers and 10% off.

She wouldn't listen, though.

Scott finishes the TikTok by saying that she responded through the digital square receipt, which would let her see what the discount was. She still insisted on the 20 for $5 sale that never existed, though.

The TikTok has gained a lot of attention.

The video has been viewed tens of thousands of times, garnering over 46k likes and hundred of comments.

Reviews for his shop became overwhelmingly positive as well, with many of them referencing the "Sticker Karen" and the sale incident.

h/t: Daily Dot.

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