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People Are Sharing The 'Horrible' Things Their Roommate Has Done

When moving out of your parent's house, it's rare to be able to afford to live on your own immediately.

Instead of staying home forever, people tend to move into big cities with roommates. It's a blessing in a way because you can move out on your own and not have to pay full rent. However, it can be a curse if you happen to move in with petty people who do things that are just straight crazy.

One girl's roommate hated her so much, she sabotaged her cake.

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One girl's roommate hated her for "no reason."

On her birthday, she got her a cake to smooth things over. But, when she walked away, the girl cut into the cake and hit something hard. The cake was filled with screws. Insane!

This person seems evil.

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"After I confronted my roommate about her messy habits and asking her to clean, she smeared a thin (almost invisible) layer of peanut butter on the counter so that seriously allergic me would rub my arm and belongings in it," one person shared.

People also steal things.

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One person said their roommate stole all the utensils for no reason. When they moved in, they had over 20 forks. By the time that they moved out, there were absolutely no forks left. How do you eat without any forks?!

Some roommates are inconsiderate.

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"Flew his brother out from Florida to spend two weeks in our apartment in the middle of the pandemic — and didn't tell me or the other roommate until 9 p.m. the night before. I assumed that he would at least leave his kid, whom he had partial custody of, with her mom while his brother was there, but no — the kid also stayed with us for the majority of those two weeks," one person added.

Others leave behind huge messes.

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One person said that her roommate moved out unexpectedly and when she went into their room, there were disgusting things all over. Toenail clippings, hair, and weird stains all over the walls. They had to clean before the next person moved in.

This is cold blooded.

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"I lived with someone I was dating, and they broke up with me over the phone at Christmas while I was away. Even though I was unable to move out for six months, they started dating one of our other roommates while I was still living there," one person shared.

College roommates are also the worst.

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One girl shared her college roommate gave her alcohol poisoning by spiking her drinks when she had a cold and couldn't taste anything and was on medicine. She reported her, but the girl only got probation because "it wasn't proven that it was her."

Drugs will ruin people.

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"My roommate started out as my best friend, but then she found heroin and meth. In addition to stealing my car and checkbook (she was extremely wealthy and used to daddy paying for everything but took my stuff when she got cut off), I woke up at 4 AM and found her doing meth with scary looking guys in our living room," one person added.

Moving in with couples can be strange, too.

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One person said that they moved in with a couple in their 30s when they were in their 20s. The couple was strange, and the wife "always talked about her sex life" and even showed him the toys that she used with her husband.

Creepy people do creepy things.

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"I had a roommate who [expletive] off onto my yoga mat, rolled it back up, and put it back into my room. I only found out when I went to use it again.

He also stole my panties for similar purposes. I found 4 or 5 pairs in his room when he moved out," a person shared.

Things add up.

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"I finally lost it when he broke the water heater and almost started a fire, kept it from me and the next time I showered it started a gas leak which made me pass out from monoxide poisoning. He laughed when I mentioned I almost died from that," one person commented.

Their beliefs take over.

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A Reddit user said that one of her roommates was so crazy about being vegetarian that she would read every label of products brought into the house and if it had any animal products, they would throw it into the garbage can. Brand new and unopened!

Thieves are the absolute worst.

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"One of my college roommates stole from me and lied about it then confessed to someone on the phone that she had stolen from me because she thought I was asleep. Then planted said item (it was a purse) back into my closet a few days later and tried to act like it was there the whole time," one person commented.

Some people are just heartless.

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"I have a brother who is severely depressed and suicidal. Former roommate was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister. She was close with my entire family and said brother.

I found out she had a bet with a close male friend of mine (who I introduced her to and she was secretly sleeping with) about how long my brother would “last.” Horrible and evil, the both of them," another shared.

And, this takes the cake.

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"My roommate just had covid, refused to wear a mask or sanitize after themselves while I lived in the basement and never went upstairs for two weeks. Now that his quarantine is done, I’m pretty sure he’s out tonight at the same bar where he got covid. Good times," one shared.