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People Are Sharing The Biggest Wedding Fails They've Seen

A couple's wedding day is a monumental and memorable moment in their lives. Their wedding day is something they will cherish and look back on forever, not only for the couple but also for their friends and family. While most weddings are meticulously planned so nothing will go wrong, there are some wedding fails that just happen without any control.

Recently, people shared the biggest wedding fails they have ever seen and wow, they're wild.

A night everyone will always remember.

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One Twitter user shared that at his sister's wedding, he accidentally came out as gay to his entire family and then some. During two truths and a lie, her totally outted himself!

They've seen it all.

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One Twitter user said that her aunt married a "cheapskate dude" who wanted the ceremony on a beach. The husband made a reservation in a very cheap resort for the whole family. However, it wasn't just any resort.

"Turns out it was in a nudist beach where orgies happened all day long."


That looks like it hurt!

Some people like to whip out their signature dance moves during someone else's wedding. This guy got pretty cocky with it, because that second guy needs a trip to the hospital.

Take it to a professional, not Uncle Jon.

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One bride said that her Uncle Jon made a giant error the night before her wedding.

"Never trust Uncle Jon to steam a bridesmaid’s dress using an iron …the night before the wedding. Sizzle, sizzle scorched hole! Make it a pleat! No! That won’t work. It’s ruined," she said.

So, are they even married?

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"My wedding was a mess. The guy who married us showed up intoxicated. He stumbled through the ceremony forgetting parts and people’s names. He said Jennifer and Jessica instead of Jennifer and Zachary. Face with tears of joy. He left right after and didn’t sign the paperwork," another said.

Oh, what a night.

While this night definitely did not go as planned, it seems that this bride and groom tried to make the absolute best of their seemingly dramatic situation.

Oil stains and holy water.

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"My dad had his car cleaned and oiled so it would look nice to drive me to church getting out of the car my dress rubbed against the inside of the door and got oil stains all over the train of my dress my mom cleaned it with holy water," said one bride.

The music is everything!

Music at a wedding is absolutely everything. Without it, you have nothing. No one wants to listen to terrible music and sit around all night long. You need that upbeat dance music to move to!

Now, that's true commitment.

A good bridesmaid doesn't give up under pressure. Instead, she walks down the aisle with two left shoes on and does it like a boss, so much so that no one knows who was the one with two left shoes.

Dad's day out.

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"Even though we are not Scottish we got married in Scotland and my Dad decided to fully embrace being a "true Scotsman" which means no underwear under your kilt. A few whiskies later and a gust of wind & I saw a side (or rear) of my Dad I do not wish to see again," a Twitter user shared.


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There's no better surprise than a pregnancy at a wedding, but, definitely, a huge surprise when the bride's wedding dress breaks because of the pregnancy. What a turn of events!

His poor mother!

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"My wedding was supposed to be outdoors. Mother nature brought me a tropical storm so it was under a car port. One tiki torch caught a gust of wind and fell on my mom, catching her dress on fire. Luckily she wasn't burned but the dress didn't make it," one groom said.

You can always watch the video on mute.

Videographers are definitely professionals because they know better than to sing while recording an entire wedding video. Word to the wise, don't hire your friends for your wedding. Especially, if they're not professionals.

It's a tye-dye wedding dress now.

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"During the cake cutting, a great uncle walked in front of the crowd, in front of the table, reached past the cake across to say goodbye, knocking red punch all over my white wedding dress," a bride shared on Twitter.

How embarrassing is this?!

In the most embarrassing wedding stories yet, this guy totally lost his pants during the ceremony, in front of everyone, and they stopped it just so he can pull them back up!

The worst time to say the wrong name.

"The groom said one of the bridesmaid’s names during the vows," Twitter user @kansasbradbury tweeted out.

I thought that this kind of thing only happened in TV shows. How do you think the bride reacted to this?

No PDA even on your wedding day?

I think most people would agree that if there's a time and place for PDA — it's during a wedding.

That's literally what people came to see, so why not give them what they want already!

When you've gotta go, you gotta go...

"Our flower girl wet herself during our vows and it sounded like a rushing waterfall," @thechanken tweeted. "Everyone thought there was a deer nearby peeing!"

I'm sure that must have been mortifying for the bride and groom, but it is kind of funny from a guest's perspective.

A valet might be a good idea for next time.

I could maybe understand someone accidentally having a fender bender with another parked car, but how on earth does someone manage to get in an accident with three other vehicles? In a parking lot, no less!?

Could it really be an objection from heaven on high?

"The moment the priest asked the couple to say yes, thunder roared and lightning struck the church. Still not sure if that had been an[sic] heavenly objection," Twitter user @Ghost_7 joked.

Make sure to strap in your precious cargo.

If I saw this happen to my nana on my wedding day, I'd be inconsolable. I can only presume that granny was alright. Otherwise, that would be a pretty grim story to share.

Save it for Comic-Con.

"When the rings were being exchanged someone dressed up as Sauron got up and said "but they were all of them deceived, for another ring was made" while putting on his own ring." - Twitter u/@FrodoLaggins138

Thank god for digital.

I can't even begin to imagine what life as a teenage boomer must have been like. No phones, no PCs, no internet — not a single luxury.

The fact that this used to be a serious concern one may have to contend with at a wedding is shocking.