Interior Designer Encourages People To Ditch 'Cookie Cutter' Home Decor Trends

Keeping up with design trends is exhausting.

No one knows that better than interior designers, who constantly work to keep the homes of their clients looking fresh and current.

However, designer Emily Shaw has a different approach to home design: rather than following trends, follow your own personality to find your design style!

If you aren't following Emily Shaw yet, you totally should be.

She's 23 and a total powerhouse interior designer. She has a BFA in architecture and interior design, and her eye for trends is unlike anyone I've ever followed!

She recently sat down with Insider to share some of her thoughts on home trends.

And before you worry that she's going to tell you your home is outdated, remember: she's talking about general design trends! You know, the ones that look like they could be copy and pasted into any new build home.

The farmhouse look is a good starting point, but it shouldn't be where your design style ends.

Unsplash | Sidekix Media

"When you look at the old design styles like farmhouse or just big white spaces that are modern, the different design elements that you need are very straightforward."

All-white spaces are getting a little dull.

Unsplash | Henar Langa

"I think the big, white, bright spaces and carbon-copy furniture that all looks the same is starting to go because it's not something that benefits the average person."

Instead, add some personality to your blank slate with a pop of color.

"It is easier to integrate more color when you have a white base between elements, so if you are uncomfortable with pairing multiple colors or scared to do too much, this is an amazing option."

The perfect "influencer" home isn't a design goal anymore.

Unsplash | Sidekix Media

"We're spending so much time on our phones now, and what used to be really important on social media was the cookie-cutter influencer who did everything right," she said.

Perfect spaces are kind of boring. Add some personality!

"I've been seeing a lot of people going towards eclecticism and maximalism. Utilizing different colors, shapes, patterns, and textures can really help stimulate people — especially while we're indoors all day long."

Pinterest is for ideas, not for copying.

Pinterest is an amazing place to get some good inspiration, but copying an entire style or room is no fun. Get some different ideas from different rooms and combine them together!

Make your space functional for you, not just beautiful for Instagram.

"Functionality should always come first, but I think functionality is looking a lot different today than it used to," Emily said.

Find beautiful pieces that you want to spend time with, and that work for you!

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