Freeze Flowers In Ice Cubes To Add A Botanical Touch To Summer Drinks

Now that the weather is really steaming up, we need something to cool off with, right? How about a refreshing and icy cool drink? I can't think of anything better. Can you?

But if you want to make your beverages stand out, I have a great idea for you. It's going to blow everyone away at your next backyard summer party.

It's so much fun hosting a relaxing get-together with friends in the heat of summer weather.

Unsplash | Shubhesh Aggarwal

You can feel the breeze in the air, enjoy good company and great conversation. But every party needs refreshments. Do you agree with me?

I'm not talking about just a can of beer.

Unsplash | Proriat Hospitality

I'm talking about cocktails, people. And now I'm going to share with you how to make your drink look pretty and taste great. It's a little trick pros know, and you're about to discover.

Did you know that folks are making floral ice cubes, so their drinks really stand out?

Oh, yes, that's right. You can put edible flowers in your ice cubes that will look so pretty and taste great in any drink.

I mean, check this out. How pretty does that look, huh?

I bet all your friends will be so impressed when you hand them a cocktail like this. Heck, I want to make this now that I see it, hehe.

One thing you do have to ensure is that you use edible flowers.

You can grow some yourself, or you can just buy them. Certain flowers pair up better with particular drinks. Borage flowers work best with Pimm's, as well as hard lemonades and gin and tonics.

Most edible flowers have pretty subtle flavors, so they won't ruin the taste of any of your drinks.

But stay away from any pungent ones as they might come off too garlicky or oniony. That's a rule you should keep in mind.

Now here are some tips to make the best floral ice cube.

Pour some water halfway into the cube. Freeze it, take it out and press the flower into the cube. Then pour the rest of the water. It ensures that the flower doesn't float to the top of the cube.

Once you have the technique down, it's pretty easy.

You're going to be a master ice cube-maker in no time, hee-hee. And when you can create a beautiful presentation like this, you know you're on to something pretty grand.

Isn't this the best idea ever?

I'm going to look for edible flowers as we speak. I've got to get my hands on them ASAP. A summer backyard party wouldn't be the same without gorgeous drinks like these. Do you get what I'm saying?