Woman Slammed Over Note Shaming Working Moms

Every parent knows how tough it is not just to be a parent, but also to balance all of that responsibility with life's other demands.

This is especially true for women, especially considering the traditional motherhood roles that society places on them.

A Twitter debate about working moms blew up, and it was all sparked by one ridiculous tweet.

"Should mothers have careers?"

This is the caption of the tweet by @godlywomanhood, so you just know it's going to get spicy.

It's accompanied by a kind of flowchart that's designed, I suppose, to convince moms that they shouldn't have careers.

Here it is.

Twitter | @godlywomanhood

When it's all said and done, the post concludes that stay-at-home moms are fulfilled and blessed. Working moms, on the other hand, are bad wives and mothers.


Not only does the note paint an especially rosy view of parenting, it also promotes antiquated gender norms. Also-also, it gives no allowance for moms who need to work to support their families.

The backlash was immediate.

Some posters pointed out that, as successful working moms, they were proof that the original tweet was completely full of it.

Thoughts and prayers.

This tweet called out the original list for what it is: internalized misogyny that they're now externalizing and communicating to the larger world.

Here's a better chart.

Rather than carrying all the weight of the garbage on the original list, this person makes it simpler: does mom want a career? Yes or no?

Here's another chart.

Twitter | @amandadeibert

This one makes a lot of great points, but I think my favorite is the fact that she calls out the original for not even being a proper flowchart.

OP's take was just plain bad.

This tweet is bang on. OP's whole deal is making motherhood about service to a husband and an end unto itself.

We need to stop reinforcing these gender norms.

You know what the value of media like A Handmaid's Tale is? It shows us what could theoretically happen in a sexist dystopia.

My eyes are rolling, too.

I really don't understand what @godlywomanhood's end game is here. Like, why are they threatened by the prospect of moms having a career?

Having a career is fine.

Unsplash | Brian Wangenheim

Men have been expected to be parents and hold down a career since forever. There's no reason the same can't be true for women.

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