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Workers Spill Secrets From Their Jobs That Customers Shouldn't Know

Just when we feel safe and content in this world, we go and learn secrets that shake us to our core.

For instance, did you know that cockroaches are found in the ice at movie theatres? Or that swimming pools barely clean doo-doo found in the water?!

Keep reading for more life-changing secrets from the workers who are baring all.

You get free wine samples at Olive Garden.

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Not one, not two, but three!

It can be a bit awkward to ask, especially if you don't end up ordering any of the wine you sampled. But it's well within your right, according to this Reddit user.

Trampoline parks are hella disgusting.


"I work at a trampoline park, and the whole place is nasty. Kids go to the bathroom everywhere, and we can't clean piss out of the foam pit — no one wants to touch it. So, chances are, you are jumping into pee-soaked foam." - ec37

A no-kill shelter doesn't mean animals don't get put down sometimes.


This Redditor tragically shared that behavior issues are often at the root of this.

If they can't rehome a pitbull with a bite history, for example, there's often no other choice.

Wedding dresses at bridal boutiques are hardly ever washed.

"They smelled like B.O. and dirt. I will say that we did throw out a dress after a bride got period blood all down the inside, so at least there's that." - kelliee408395f38

You don't need to purchase the concrete or metal vault along with a casket.

According to this Redditor who works at a cemetery, those things do nothing to prevent the caskets from getting wet.

In fact, they hold water inside, so don't listen to the sales pitch.

Your child's report card isn't as unique as you thought.

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"Your child’s school report is probably word for word the same as half of their class. There’s only so many ways you can say ‘works hard but needs to focus on accuracy.'" - Redditor deleted

Some restaurants don't change their fryer oil.

Cleaning the fryers is about as far as some establishments get.

One Buzzfeed community member shared that in addition to adding the same fryer oil back in, some toxic degreaser gets into the oil.

Recruiters use a sneaky tactic to get their candidate hired.

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"When we present yours and someone else's profile in front of an employer at the same time, a lot of times one of you is there to make the other look better." - Redditor leopoldhendricks

Swimming pools don't clean poo in the water as well as you'd think.

gags. Instead of giving the pool a deep clean, this person shared that they only really add extra chlorine to give the illusion that they're doing something.

Chemical plants up river may be doing more damage than you even think.

"If it came out how old, run down, and poorly maintained literally all of the equipment that we use to make sure that hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water don’t leak or straight up spill into the river, the EPA would shut every plant on the river down." - Redditor CattBooty

There are a lot of deaths at public libraries.

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As a public space, this Redditor shared that they get a lot of indigent customers, many of whom do drugs in their restrooms.

In 2019 alone, they shared that they had 13 deaths.

Doctors and nurses don't always sanitize their hands.


"At the hospital they have 'secret' employees who walk around to make sure doctors and nurses sanitize their hands before entering and existing a patient's room. You'd be surprised how many dont follow protocol and end up getting written up in a day." - Redditor deleted

Nine times out of ten, the ice cream machine isn't broken.

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We knew it!

McDonald's has been playing us like a damn fiddle all these years. Instead, this Redditor shared that fast food ice cream machines simply need a deep clean, but people are too lazy for that.

Your packages are not handled "with care."

"Your package gets thrown 5-20 feet more than 5 times in its journey to you. A lot more the further it has to be shipped. If it doesn't say fragile its getting chucked." - Redditor jameizing777

Your professor might be winging their lecture.

This one hurts, considering we're paying 30k+ for an education.

This Redditor also shared that showing up to office hours does help your chances of a good grade.

You should never use the glasses from hotels.

"I've seen those get 'cleaned' with the same rag that cleans the toilet and sink. Think staying in an expensive hotel will save you from this nastiness? Think again." - Redditor m7anders

The ice at most theatre chains is pretty gross.

Here's even more reason to sneak in your own drinks and snacks.

Since there is usually a pipe system for the water, this person shared that it wasn't uncommon to find cockroaches in the ice. shudders.

The "manager" you asked for is probably just another fed-up employee.

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"I work for a phone company, and whenever you ask for a manager or supervisor over the phone, you are just getting another rep, who has already listened to the rep you were talking with and had probably already been working with them." - eblaylock

The best day to buy a car is the last day of the month.

"Everyone is scrambling to meet their bonuses and will even take a loser deal. Do not ever settle for what they try to give you at first. They CAN do better." - claudiad473cea2af

The secret sauce at the restaurant isn't really a secret at all.

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Every mom and pop joint from here to Timbuktu loves boasting about their homemade recipe for their secret sauce. Just keep in mind that 9/10 times — what you're really eating is simple Thousand-Island salad dressing.

Your children betray you at daycare.

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"If you lie to me about anything your kid will probably tell me the truth. I won’t even have to ask either. If you tell me you want to ditch the pacifier cold turkey but secretly give it to your child, they will let me know." - Reddit u/unknown

Doctors usually only reschedule appointments for one reason.

Despite what the receptionist tells you, there isn't a schedule constraint nor is there a pressing emergency that they had to drop everything for at the last minute. More than likely, your doctor simply decided to not come to work that day.

Don't ask your server about the wine.

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That is unless you happen to be in a fine-dining restaurant. Odds are, the 17-year-old high school student working at Boston Pizza as a part-time job is neither going to know nor care about the fact that you happen to be a wine snob.

Teachers are making fun of your children behind their backs.

I used to be what's called a tutor in the classroom, and let me tell you — teachers can be savage. Some of the comments are made in jest and good fun. Others are most definitely not.

You might want to check the expiry date on your make up.

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"We don't check makeup shelf lives," warns Reddit user secretsaucyy. "It's very probable that your makeup is over ten years old."

I can literally feel the pores on my face clogging up as I read this.

Microwaves are used in nearly every restaurant kitchen.

A shocking number of meals are premade and flash froze; the kind of stuff that would give Chef Gordon Ramsay an aneurism.

It's never a bad idea to ask what's fresh and what's frozen wherever you go to eat.

Hotel beds will have you feeling snug as a bug.

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"Hotel worker. Almost every hotel has/had bed bugs. It's not nearly as rare as people think," writes Redditor downyaverage300.

This was written pre-COVID, so I'm hoping that this has since been remedied.