Instagram Is Divided After Katharine McPhee Posts 'Mommy & Me' Pic While Drinking A Beer

Another day, another celebrity being mom-shamed for something super ridiculous. As fans know, new mom Katharine McPhee welcomed her first baby, 4-month-old son Rennie, with her husband David Foster earlier this year.

Now, the mom is sharing a relatable AF pool-time "mommy + me" pic that is getting some praise, and some backlash cause — ya know, it's the internet.

Last month, the *American Idol* alum chatted with "People Every Day" podcast about the first few months of motherhood.

As fans know, Rennie is the first child for Katharine and the sixth for her hubby David Foster, 71, who has five daughters from previous relationships.

"It's a growing family, and David's doing great. He's always walking into a room saying, 'Where's my baby? Where's our baby?'" Katharine told the podcast.

"He wants to hold the baby all the time, and be around the baby," she laughed.

In an effort to preserve her child's privacy, Katharine has kept her child's face away from the camera.

However, that doesn't stop people from having opinions about her parenting because, hello, it's social media!

In a recent pic, Katharine shared a picture of herself in an inflatable pool with her son while sipping on a Blue Moon beer.

"mommy & me," she captioned the cute post.

"I hope you squeezed some orange into that Blue Moon mamma," commented one fan.

"Rennie's mom has got it going on," commented another.

"THIS is the most realistic depiction of motherhood, LOL!" said a different fan.

However, some people were quick to leave a sassy remark about the picture.

"This post makes me happy that I’m not a parent," commented one user. "If I need to drink to make parenting tolerable, it’s not for me."

"Why did she cut the nanny out of the picture?" echoed a different user.

Others took the picture has an opportunity to bash her husband.

"Where's David? Doesn't seem to be around," commented one fan,

"So cute. Just think, you’ll be changing someone else’s diaper soon," said another.

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