Rest Your Flowers In A Glass Wave Frozen In Time

Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker are two Hawaiin glassmakers who capture the beauty of the sea in their work. Creating vases, glasses, wall mounts, and sculptures, their collaborative and solo designs are full of frozen life, motion, color, and beauty.

Working together to create a crashing wave series, they have made a stunning vase design that looks like frozen water.

Blaker and DeSomma use glass to freeze moments in time.

Enamored with glass's ability to embody the vibrant qualities of the sea, Blaker and DeSomma's work captures water in motion. Playing with light, color, textures, and shape, the mesmerizing vases are expertly crafted by talented hands.

Their vases are part of a whole water-themed collection.

Working from their studio in Hawaii, you can view all of their incredible glassware on their portfolio website Blaker-DeSomma Glass. Selling one-of-a-kind creations, each one of their glass sculptures are entirely unique and handcrafted; every vase containing its own peculiarities and charm.

What do you think of the unique vases?

Garnering a great amount of interest, their beautiful vases are highly sought after. To buy your own, you can order a vase through Kela's Glass Gallery, or contact them through their joined website.

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