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'Quirky' Restaurant Sign Encouraging Customer Conversations Sparks Intense Debate

The joy of eating out with friends and family is returning across the nation, and thus everyone is airing out their grievances with the activity before they have to commit to dining in public once again.

A mural spotted at a restaurant caused a stir on Twitter as it explains that the establishment doesn't have WiFi, encouraging their patrons to talk to one another instead. Be it due to the subject or execution, not too many people liked it.

A photo of a mural at a restaurant is causing quite the heated debate across Twitter.

This photo of a patio at a mystery restaurant was uploaded with the caption, "[This] is the worst brand of quirky restaurant [expletive]," by @gl0balism.

The mural reads, "We do not have WiFi. Talk to each other and pretend it's 1995."

It seemingly drew a lot of annoyance, with repliers offering plenty of snark.

Unsplash | Donny Jiang

"It's fine if the menu is at 1995's prices," one person wrote, which many were happy to agree with.

Another user made a similar comment regarding the year but had quite the comparison. "If they REALLY wanted to pretend like it’s 1995, they’d allow smoking on the patio. [...] A lot of people used cigarettes as a way to cope with awkward social situations and boredom, like phones do."

Then there those who nitpicked the relevancy of the 'no WiFi' part.

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"[Aw] man I gotta use my data like [I] normally do," read one reply, written by someone who's clearly in utter dismay over the lack of WiFi.

More constructively, this person wrote, "I don’t think restaurants necessarily have to have wifi, you know, it’s not a library or even a cafe. but to present it in such an obnoxiously and condescending way is just…. Tasteless."

Many felt more put off by the restaurant for their attitude rather than their lack of WiFi.

Unsplash | Rod Long

"The people that say this act like people used to just constantly socialize with strangers in restaurants or on buses or whatever," said one person who clearly thought these people needed a dose of reality, "Replace phones with newspapers. Friends was a sitcom, not real life."

And thus comes the consequences of this establishment's actions as someone described what they'd do if they came across this notice, "Or! I’ll just use my phone to find a better restaurant."

Who knew two short sentences could spark such a discussion?

Then again, this is the internet. If people have the chance to talk and made their opinion known, they will.

Speaking of, what are your thoughts on the mural? Do you agree with its sentiment, or does it feel condescending?