Bartender Shares How Customers Treat Her Differently Since Gaining Weight

A bartender recently posted a TikTok video explaining how she's lost some of her "pretty privilege" with customers since gaining weight.

In an introspective video that's racked up more than a million likes, Cassidy Lane — who uses the handle @body_positive_bartender — described how customers have treated her differently since she gained weight.

"I work in the service industry, I'm a bartender ... the way you look influences it a lot, whether that's tips or how people treat you."

Cassidy explains that she felt she had "pretty privilege" when she was slimmer, and feels like she's lost it now that she weighs more.

What's it like?

"People don't even look you in the eye anymore, they're not nice to you, especially men," Cassidy explained, through tears.

She says that customers used to be friendlier and more flirtatious when she weighed less. Now, she hardly ever gets even small talk or niceties.

"For people saying that doesn't actually happen, please raise your hand if you would willingly like to live as a fat person," she concluded, noting that nobody does.

Cassidy's video spurred a lot of debate, with some users pointing out that body issues can affect practically everybody.

There was a smattering of misogyny in the comments section.

Despite a few cranky dudes who seem to resent pretty people, the comments were largely supportive.

There was plenty of support, though.

People on all sides of this issue, whether they have pretty privilege or don't, chimed in to share their experiences.

What's it like to be on the sidelines?

Some users shared their experiences about hanging out with pretty friends. It's always rough on the self esteem to feel like you aren't noticed.

It's good to see some empathy.

Videos like Cassidy's have a way of making people feel included, like they have an advocate to empathize with. After all, carrying extra, unwanted weight is a common experience.

What do you think?

Do you treat servers and bartenders differently based on their appearance? Additionally, if you've ever worked as a server or bartender, what have you witnessed?

Check out Cassidy's video below, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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