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Track Your Kid's Growth With Cute "Grow With Me" Handprint Shirts

Kids grow up so quickly; so beyond photos, it's nice to have something tactile to remind you of how small they used to be. (Sure, they're throwing tantrums and running around the house now, but soon they'll be doing all of that from their own houses.)

Taking a sweet spin on the classic handprint t-shirt, some parents have decided to make a simple "age-tracking" t-shirt design for their little ones.

You can find pre-made designs on Etsy.

Available from sellers like KC Designs Co. on Etsy, you can buy custom t-shirts with your child's name and future graduating year already printed on the front and back. Tracking the grades from kindergarten to grade twelve, each year leaves ample space for a painted handprint to go.

The shirts are sized extra-large to allow room for growing.

Sue Walter Miller | Facebook

Printed onto an extra-large t-shirt size, Sue Walter Miller tries making her own age-tracking shirt with her first-grade son. Made to allow for ample growth spurts, the roomy t-shirt is a colorful record of your child's aging journey.

They're great keepsakes to have down the line.

Fun for you and your kids to look back on down the road, the shirts are a great activity for the whole family to engage in. (Even the little guy swimming in the oversized clothing).

What do you think of the crafty DIY? Have you tried something similar with your own family? Let us know in the comments below!