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Teacher Rewards Students For Hard Work By Letting Them Design Her Tattoo

For over a year now students have been faced with a completely restructured style of teaching. From online classes to socially distant classrooms, many kids around the world have been rolling with the punches and doing their best to keep up with the curriculum.

Seeing the hard work and dedication of her students, passionate teacher Beccah Rosalie decided she wanted to do something to reward them for their efforts.

She decided she would let them design her next tattoo.

BeccahRosalie | TikTok

Mulling over what she could reward them with, Rosalie wanted a prize that would help motivate her students and give them something to look forward to. Already having got a few tattoos in the past, she bravely decided she would allow them to design her next tattoo.

A friendly competition decided on the winning design.

BeccahRosalie | TikTok

Overjoyed at the chance to create a drawing that would permanently mark their teacher's skin, Rosalie's students threw themselves into a drawing competition. Collecting a roster of top designs, the students from each of her classes put it to a vote, and the final drawing was chosen.

Nervous and excited, it was time to follow through on her promise.

BeccahRosalie | TikTok

With the winning drawing held in her hand, Rosalie brought "Doodlebob" with her to her scheduled tattoo appointment. Handing the design over to Sarah Ransom's capable hands, the tattoo was placed on Rosalie's wrist; right in the open for everyone to see.

The students were overjoyed at the result.

BeccahRosalie | TikTok

With the tattoo complete and starting to heal, Rosalie walked into the class for the grand reveal. Met with whooping cheers and cries, her students were ecstatic when they saw their reward.

What do you think about Rosalie's 'reward'?

What do you think of Beccah Rosalie's dedication? Do you know a teacher who's tried their own twist on motivating students? Or, do you know a child who's been navigating school throughout the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below.