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Woman Asks Neighbors To Keep Kids Inside While Her Dog Runs Around

Many people who live near a dog owner can attest that the territorial behavior a pup can show doesn't often line up with the territory they actually have.

Any time I go into my backyard, I can generally expect my neighbor's dog to take issue with it and bark until she gets bored. And while that bothered me at first, I've largely learned to tune it out by now.

But while you might expect a neighbor who's more aggravated by the resulting noise to complain to the dog's owner about it, it seems that today brings us a curious case where the owner herself has a problem with her dog's barking.

And as you're about to see, their neighbors were none too happy with how she proposed to deal with it.

After a long period of living in an apartment, a woman, her husband, and her pit bull mix have recently moved into a house with a yard.

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And while this adjustment has apparently made the dog ecstatic about all the space he has now, it's also introduced him to the concept of neighboring houses.

As the woman wrote in a Reddit post, "The problem is that we have neighbors, a husband & wife with four kids, all of whom are quite young, and our dog barks incessantly whenever they're in the yard at the same time."

To address this problem, the woman asked her neighbors to keep their children inside at ceratin times so her dog can roam the yard freely.

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But in her words, "The wife told me that it was ridiculous and that I shouldn't expect them to keep their kids inside just because our dog isn't trained."

In a follow-up comment, she said that she and her husband "have never felt a need" to train their dog.

The woman responded by saying this answer was "uncalled for" and that the neighbors had to compromise with her.

But while her neighbors understood that her dog's barking was annoying to her, they felt that honoring her request would be bending over backwards to accommodate an untrained dog and shut the door.

Although the woman felt she was in the right, she nonetheless felt conflicted enough to ask Reddit.

And it may not be surprising to learn that Reddit thought she was being just as unreasonable as her neighbors did.

As one user put it, "Their kids have every right to be in their garden whenever they see fit, and you have a duty to train your dog so that they can enjoy it without him barking."

In the words of another, "you just ruined your reputation with your new neighbors who have done nothing wrong, and probably within the neighborhood. You’re that person now."

While nobody seemed to agree with the woman, some were particularly concerned by her decision not to train a pit bull mix.

As one user said, "You have a dog whose breed would put them under extra scrutiny if anything happened. Get your dog trained ASAP.

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