People Are Sharing Stories About Professionals With Nonsensical Opinions

Everyone's known a coworker who seems to have failed upward, the kind of person whose most significant contribution to the workplace is spurring conversations about how they got the job in the first place.

A recent Reddit thread on r/facepalm created a lively discussion on these kinds of workers.

It all started with this.

Reddit | MoniMokshith

Using the now-classic Will Smith meme, a Redditor showcased a couple of professionals with questionable opinions, especially considering what their jobs are.

Soon enough, people were sharing their stories of professionals who should really know better.

"I worked with a guy who’s previous job had been designing missile launch systems who also thought the earth was flat."

"I’m not entirely sure how he slept at night," the commenter continued. It's wild to think that, even in professions where the curvature of the planet is a significant factor, there are still flat earthers.

A pilot flat earther.

Unsplash | Jon Flobrant

"When I pressed him on being a former pilot and believing malarkey he claimed the schools indoctrination into round earth didn’t work on him and that the pilots windscreen was a very thick and curved glass that made everything appear to be curved."


A biologist who fell for a fake diet.

Unsplash | CDC

"I work with a cancer biologist who fell for the alkaline diet hype. She got persuaded by somebody who is 1000x less educated in the matter than she is."


Government employees who don't understand job creation.

"I work in defense. No one there believes government creates jobs. We only get paid by government."


A teacher who doesn't understand how mammals work.

"One of my teachers (it wasn't a biology teacher) made me do a homework to prove that dinosaurs aren't mammals as, for him, mammals are animals with lungs."


A pharmacist who doesn't believe in actual medicine.

Unsplash | Nathaniel Yeo

"My mom's really into homeopathy [expletive] (treating illnesses with the souls of elements or whatever). She's a pharmacist."


A geologist who doesn't believe in evolution.

"I too ran into a coworker who was a creationist geologist. Having geology degree myself, until proven otherwise I'll give reasonable leeway for creation of the big bang, but why get into a field where most that's studied are things that are not of the biblical era?"


Another anti-evolution type.

Unsplash | Johannes Plenio

"I went to school with a guy who doesn't believe in evolution.

He's doing his masters degree in paleobiology now."


A guy who doesn't know how tariffs work.

Unsplash | Laurel and Michael Evans

"Our [automotive] molds came from China. Guy was absolutely convinced the tariffs on steel were being paid by China and didn't effect us."


Did dinosaurs really happen?

"I know a dude who works in the oilfield who doesn't believe in dinosaurs."


An aircraft engineer with questionable beliefs.

Unsplash | Bing Hui Yau

"I’m an aircraft mechanic and I work with a guy believes in chemtrails."


MORE flat earthers.

Unsplash | NASA

"Last career I had, knew people who were flat earthers and moon landing deniers...we were all satellite communications engineers."


Anti-vax nurses.

"I work with two anti-vaxxers. They are nurses who work with elderly patients."


Covid-denying ICU types.


"I’m an ICU nurse of about 10 years. I would occasionally float to our regular, non-icu and non-covid floors. Plenty of nurses who denied how serious covid was."


A chef who doesn't understand masking.

Unsplash | Melanie Lim

"I asked through the grapevine why he washes his hands before and after handling food and the reply was 'that’s common sense'. But somehow the scientific medical community saying that masks help prevent illnesses is just a big hoax."


An RN who's big into crystals.

Unsplash | Dan Farrell

"My RN coworker is getting her doctorate and will be able to practice medicine. She is an anti vaxxer who believes in crystal medicine."


Bacon hypocrisy.

"I live in a country where people get cancer from eating meat then go to the hospitals where they serve bacon."