Unsplash | Maude Frédérique Lavoie

People Are Reupholstering Chairs With Jeans That Don't Fit Them Anymore

Making your house a home can be an expensive process, even if you're doing most of the work yourself. Brand new furniture is obviously expensive, but even when repurposing old thrift finds there's a cost that's associated with the materials. Thankfully, with DIY you can generally always find a loophole. In this case; a belt loop hole... in the form of old jeans.

DIYers are reupholstering chairs using old jeans.

Gathering together all of their jeans, some DIYers have taken to reupholstering chairs with their old, well-loved pants. Whether they were cast into the "nope" bin because they no longer fit or simply because they were out of style; some people are using the unique material to give their chairs a new lease on life.

They're even sewing jean-clad pillows to match.

Giving chunky armchairs an artisan twist; pockets, seams, rips, and tears become a part of the jean-chair aesthetic. Even upholstering their pillows with jeans to match; the unique decor would stand out in any home as an out-of-the-ordinary, bold design choice.

If a pillow wasn't enough, some people are pairing the chairs with matching lamps.

For people who absolutely love a denim aesthetic, the chairs can be paired with matching decor. Literally made out of pants, what better place to park your behind than on a chair that may still have a fiver in the back pocket?

What do you think of the strange idea?

Mixing and matching darker tones with lighter jeans, the opportunity for variety in the chair's design is expansive.

What do you think of the strange material, would you reupholster a chair using pants? If it really was made using old pairs of jeans, it definitely would be an effective cost-saver. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!