A New Trend Has People Spray Painting Their Dead Plants To Bring Them Back To Life

Okay, here's something I might've mentioned to you before, but I often kill plants. There, I said it. I'm not proud of it, but somehow I just lack that green thumb.

However, I just found out an awesome way to keep those half-dead plants alive. And you won't believe what this hack requires. Check it out and tell me what you think.

So let me ask you: what do you do with your dead plants?

Unsplash | John Silliman

Do you just throw them out? Sadly, I do too. I mean, what else can I do with them, right? Well, hold on a minute. Don't throw them out just yet.

At least not before you try this trick.

Unsplash | Chi Girls

Something tells me that you're really going to love it. Get this, people like us, who tend to kill plants, came up with a genius idea. It's a way to preserve the plants so you can enjoy them for longer.

Okay, so what is it that they do?

Well, they spray-paint them. Aha! OMG, what did I tell you? Isn't this such a genius idea. It's so genius that I'm pretty mad I haven't thought of it before, ha, ha!

Here's what one lady did with her dead mums.

She spray-painted them for Christmas so she can enjoy them for longer. As you can see, she attached some lights to them, and voilĂ ! They look stunning. Doesn't this look like it's store-bought?

And another lady did the same thing.

Look at these gorgeous blooms preserved with the spray-paint technique here. Aren't they so pretty? I swear I need to start doing this with every plant that I kill. Not that I'm looking forward to killing off my plants, ha, ha!

If red isn't exactly up your alley, then pick another color that does resonate with you.

This lady covered her dead mums in this pretty blue spray paint and I think she totally gave them a new lease on life. Don't you think?

Speaking of color, what do you think of this duo?

Aww, I love how pretty they look here. Just so you know, Rustoleum paint is the one everyone is using for this purpose. You can name the plants "Oleums", hee-hee. Get it?

So apparently, I'm not the only one who loves this idea.

I guess there are more of us plant killers out there, ha, ha! This is also a great idea if you can't keep squirrels away from your plants and they end up eating them.

Wow, who knew there was such a simple and easy way to preserve dead flowers.

Unsplash | Christopher Lotito

I won't feel as bad next time one dies on me. At least I'll have a way to preserve it so I can enjoy it a bit longer. What do you think of this?