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Plant Inception: Mini Patio In A Planter On A Patio

We've seen a lot of fairy house DIYs in the past few years, (and don't get me wrong; they continue to be wonderful and we should all make them), but what about mini patios for when fairies want to eat and relax at home in their garden?

Taking a fun spin on the fairy house planter DIY; many creative gardeners have made adorable little patio planters to place on their patio. (Say that five times fast).

What better decor for your patio than a miniature patio on your patio?

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In a strange sort of plant-ception, patio-patio planters fit perfectly outside on your backyard patio! Filled with soil and tiny potted plants; add miniature furniture and landscaping to your patio planter to create a sample-sized patio haven! (Let's count how many times I can say patio in a sentence).

Overgrown or carefully tended, make the mini patio of your dreams.

AllModern | Wayfair

Depending on the plants you choose, you can make your miniature patio planter look as wild or manicured as you'd like. Using simple clay or terra cotta plant pots, you can find the bowl above or one like it on Wayfair.com, or search around local thrift stores or flea markets.

Small plants, herbs, and succulents become healthy full-sized greenery.

With so many delightful plants to choose from, potted moss and succulents become expansive ground cover in your miniature paradise. You can even try laying down stones as interlocking bricks, small rocks as large garden boulders, or miniature archways to welcome fairies through!

A tiny sapling is transformed into a stunning tree.

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Instead of succulents and moss, you can even try planting tiny saplings. Adding bricks and a miniature chair, your small patio will instantly transform it into a broad, shade-giving tree! Now as you rest on your patio, so too will the fairies.

What do you think?

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As the popularity of fairy gardens grows and grows, mini garden furniture is sold all over the place. If you're interested, try finding your own on Amazon, or even try making your own!

What do you think, do you love the sound of a patio in a planter on your patio? Let us know in the comments below!