People Are Obsessing Over This Inexpensive, Reusable Fly Trap

There are very few things to dislike about summer. The worst thing, though, has to be all those pesky flies that swarm you any time you go outside (or the brave ones who make their way inside your home, prompting you to deal with them swiftly).

Instead of attempting to swat flies, only for them to fly away at the last second, just get a fly trap. As TikTok user @ashley.mcdonald shows us, they actually do work.

Well, this one works.

It's called the Rescue Reusable Fly Trap, and you can get it ate the Home Depot for around $6. As per its product page, it attracts flies really easily, it's fully reusable, and it can last for seasons upon seasons.

And boy, does it really work. According to her TikTok, Ashley put the trap out at 4pm, and it already had dozens of flies in it within a half hour!

And the flies keep on coming.

After around four hours (by 8pm), there are enough flies to fill about 1/4 of the jar (and it's not a small jar, either!). The flies just keep coming and coming.

By the next morning, there are even more.

When she goes back to look at the trap at 9 the next morning (about 17 hours after she first put it out), the jar is more fly than liquid. Honestly, the longer I look at it, the grosser it gets.

So there's no doubt that this trap works.

I don't know if it's magic, or some kind of pheromone that only attracts flies (notice how there are no other bugs in there), but this thing really works. It probably managed to capture every fly in her yard and the ones roaming around her neighbors'.

Unsurprisingly, the TikTok went viral.

You can't make a TikTok like this without it going completely viral. The video was uploaded earlier this week, and within three days it's already garnered over 100k shares, 41k comments, and 2.6 million likes.

I'm sure the Home Depot is about to sell out of these fly traps, too.

People in the comments are going wild over the trap.

"I'm sorry but do they not see the graveyard of flies before they decide to be next???" one comment reads. "I kinda wanna see if they fill up the container," says another. For the most part, everyone's more or less enjoying the show.

And it's all fun and games...

Until you realize that someone's gonna have to empty that trap at some point. It's a reusable trap, after all.

As tempting as it would be to get something like this for my yard, I don't think I could stomach emptying hundreds of flies out of there (especially when most of them are still alive).

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