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Emotional Stories Proving Grandmothers Deserve The World

Everyone who grows up with a grandmother who's involved in their life knows that they truly deserve the world.

Grandmothers are the most patient, understanding, and caring individuals on the planet.

Many of them step up for their grandchildren in ways that are moving and meaningful, sometimes even acting as parents and guardians. We love hearing stories of grandmother who do everything and beyond!

This grandma who made a rug for her grandson.

This person was "obsessed" with SpongeBob SquarePants and his grandmother decided to go above and beyond to make them something special.

"When I was a little kid I was obsessed with SpongeBob SquarePants, so my cool grandma wove this rug for me.”

What a nice nightgown!

“I left my pajamas at home but my grandma said she had something I could wear and then she brought back this," said this Twitter user.

How adorable is this grandmother? She is always looking out for her grandchildren!

This is adorable.

This grandmother had a pair of Adidas slide-on shoes that her granddaughter complimented so she did the sweetest thing possible.

“I told my grandma I liked her shoes so she went out and got me a matching pair. I am crying!”

This grandma wanted to be sure she didn't "ruin" her gift.

“My daughter gave tablemats to her grandmother. This is what I saw when went for a visit. In answer to my silent question, she said, 'The mats are so beautiful! I made my own so I wouldn’t get them dirty!'

This grandmother gets it.

“We were finally able to bring our grandma home to stay with us and she brought all her ’loot’ from the nursing home," [said one grandchild.]Reddit l toronto105

Clearly, this grandmother knows that the good stuff is taken with you, always!

Clearly, a bada**.

This grandmother is proud of her LGBTQ+ granddaughter and has no problem telling the entire world about it.

So, she made a sign to tell the Internet that she wants them to get over it. Love this!

This grandmother playing VR for the first time is incredible.

VR may be crazy and fun to us, but to a grandmother, it's an entirely new discovery.

How cool it must is be to see technology evolve over the years and be able to play something like this.

This grandma tried her best.

“My grandma put Build-a-Bear shoes on my daughter, thinking the shoes were hers. I can’t stop laughing.”

That is so adorable, and so sweet, that we really can't stop smiling. They're so little! It's just perfect.

This grandmother knows how to party!!

On a family cruise for New Year's, this was found on their grandmother's camera.

She clearly knew sneaking away from her family and going to the boat party was a good idea. She's killing it on the boat and in life.

What a beautiful creation.

This grandmother took a photo of her grandson and dog from 1987 and made an entire cross stitch out of it. That looks exactly like the picture, it's uncanny!

What a talented grandmother and one who is also thoughtful.


This grandma clearly has an incredible personality and sense of humor.

We've all seen the grandma who appears on all the cards with older people, but this grandma is hilarious for dressing up like her. Uncanny twinning moment! Amazing!

This grandmother's gift is a pure gem.

“Grandma went hard on last year’s Christmas present," said this Reddit user. Can you imagine how long it took to knit that entire tire cover?

I would ride every road with that, showing off how cool my grandmother is.

This grandmother who knew her kids were hungry.

“I told my grandma I was hungry and 20 minutes later...”

Grandmothers are known to always feed their grandkids too much, but this is another level. Then again, who would say no to all of this?

Sour cream AND onion!

“My wife’s grandma likes to buy us snacks whenever she goes to the store so we asked her for some sour cream and onion chips. We were amused by what she came back with.”

She tried her best! Also, she's not entirely wrong.

What a beautiful bridesmaid.

This bride invited her 89-year-old grandmother to be in her bridal party as a bridesmaid and truly, she slayed the entire photo.

Look how sweet she looks and everyone is totally loving it! Touching.

Still sly as a fox.

"My grandma has dementia and when we visit her, she asks us over and over again if we want ice cream. The rest of the family finds it annoying when I fix her and myself a couple scoops. One time, she admitted that she remembered pestering us and that she just wanted more." - Reddit u/winterjaymes

“My cat met my grandma for the first time. This was within 10 seconds of her sitting down.”

They say that cats are impeccable judges of character (I'm sure some people say that) and clearly Reddit user oncearoundtheblock 's feline friend feels that his grandma is a keeper.

Also, is it just me or is that cat huge?

That's the wrong pen.

This unsuspecting mom walked into the room and was stunned to see her son aggressively scribbling in one of his notebooks. Her grandmother assured her that all was fine and that the pen didn't work.

What she didn't realize is that the "pen" was actually for a tablet.

Grandma, what's with all the blue glass gems?

Why is it that every grandmother on earth seems to always have a ready supply of blue glass gems, and what on earth were they for?

I never understood but I always thought they were very pretty.

“My girlfriend’s grandma thought the iPad was a cutting board.”

I wish I could have been there to see what Redditor IonnaTrailer and his girlfriend reacted when her grandma presented them with this tasty treat. It's so sweet that it would almost be impossible to be mad.

Life in the fast lane.

"One night my nan tried to play mariokart and apllied[sic] the old people driving slow stereotype into the gaming world," Reddit user hanzoonetrick42069 explained. "She got lapped about 3 times but dang if she didnt[sic] try."

How Grandma got her groove back.

Reddit user lavasca called their Grandma in the middle of the night after a severe earthquake. To their surprise, a man answered the phone:

"Grandma was feeling great and had no idea there had been an earthquake," lavasca said. "I strongly suspect that guy wasn't a fireman."

There is no love as pure.

This is honestly making me get a little weepy-eyed as a write this. This is precisely the kind of thing that my Nana would do, had she the technological wherewithal to operate a smartphone.