BMW Drivers Voted Worst To Share The Road With

Every driver has their very own perception regarding the experience of driving. From the rules, the way those rules can be bent, the more unofficial rules, and other drivers, it's a unique worldview for everyone behind a wheel.

There has now been some research done into that worldview, specifically into how people perceive certain brands. The results might shock you, but then again, maybe they won't.

A new survey has shown that BMW drivers are the worst to encounter on the road.

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In a survey conducted by Moneybarn that asked over 4000 people who the worst drivers on the road are, 39.1% of respondents answered BMW, making it rocket into first place.

It clearly showed the strongly-felt animosity drivers have towards BMW owners.

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"Almost 40% of people in our survey replied saying that they considered BMW drivers to be the most likely to cause an accident, which is over twice as many as any other brand!" Moneybarn wrote in their report. "It’s clear that BMW drivers have built up quite the reputation for them, hence the joke that BMW’s don’t come with indicators!"

BMW wasn't the only ones criticized by respondents, though.

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In second place was Audi at 14.1%, and in third, forgoing brands entirely, was simply white vans at 7.9%.

"Many tradespeople including builders, plumbers, and locksmiths have been branded with the ‘White Van Man’ moniker over the years, but they clearly fall some way behind the likes of BMW and Audi drivers in the eyes of the public!"

Fourth and fifth place were taken by Range Rovers and Fords with 4.6% and 4.2% respectively.

The animosity for BMW drivers exists far beyond this survey.

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As stated in the report, "[...] a quick internet search for the term 'why are BMW drivers…' sees Google suggest results such as 'so hated', 'so arrogant' and 'idiots'."

Head of Marketing and Product Development at Moneybarn, Tim Schwarz, told LadBible that the numbers are rather shocking. "It may come as a surprise that BMW drivers are disliked nearly five times more than white van drivers, as it's a common perception that white van drivers aren't the most accommodating on the roads."

He also leaves us with a good reminder, though, to not let our preconceived notions affect us too much.

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"There's a common misconception that all people who drive a specific brand, such as BMW or Audi, are worse drivers, however it's all subjective and what you drive doesn't make you a better or worse driver!"

h/t: LadBible

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