Three Cheers For The Ultimate Father Figure Kurt Russell

I've long said that anyone can be a dad, but it takes a real man to be a father. Someone who is strong, loving, and inspirational. Someone who is not only willing to fight for their family, but also be a shoulder to cry on.

Actor Kurt Russell is an excellent example of a father figure and today, we're honoring him!

It's so secret Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have no plans to get hitched.

They've only told us 700 times that they're not interested in a traditional union.

"Marriage didn't work for either one of us," Goldie explained in an interview last year. "I'm not saying that it wouldn't work again, but I didn't think that we really needed to get married. I like it better that way."

Despite not having tied the knot, these two have created one epic blended family.

As fans know, Goldie Hawn had two children with her ex-husband Bill Hudson before she met Kurt — son Oliver and daughter Kate.

Kurt also had a child of his own from a previous marriage as well, a son named Boston.

The pair would go on to have one child together, son Wyatt.

Despite not being Oliver and Kate's biological father, Kurt has been in Goldie's children's lives since they were young.

Kate refers to Kurt as her dad and says her biological father doesn't know her "from a hole in the wall."

Growing up, Kurt moved into Goldie's house in Hollywood Hills to ensure Kate and her brother would have a father figure in the home.

"Kurt is a saviour who came into my life. He's been there for everything," Kate once told Detour magazine.

On Kurt's 70th birthday, Kate gushed about what an incredible man her "Pa" is.

"I often wonder how different our life would have been if he never entered the picture. How different I would be. Let me fill you in," the actress shared on Instagram earlier this year.

"He’s a pick up your boot straps kinda dad. Don’t cry, shake it off you’re ok, kinda dad. Don’t let ‘em push you around you got this, kinda dad. Don’t listen to the noise you’re doing great, kinda dad. Shake those hips like no ones watching, kinda dad... Never miss a show or game, kinda dad. Kids before anything, kinda dad. Work hard play hard, kinda dad. My girl can rule the world, kinda dad."

It's easy to see the love Russell has for all of his children, and it truly shows what an ultimate father figure he is.

Do you have any men like Kurt in your life? The ones who stepped up to the plate when no one else did? Let us know in the comments down below!