Women Share How They Turn The Tables On Men Telling Sexist Jokes

While strides have been made, the world is still rife with sexism. Just ask any woman — she'll tell you about low-key, overt, and 'jokey' sexism she's faced over the years.

A tweet from journalist Heather Thompson Day about ways to deflect sexist jokes took off, with other Twitter users sharing their tips for fending off these dumb, sexist jokes.

If you have to explain your joke, it's a bad joke.

This is basically the crux of what Heather's saying.

In essence, her boss wanted to make a sexist joke and have her laugh it off. Instead, she asked him to explain it.

She credited her dad with the tip.

Heather noted in another tweet that when she first started working at a radio station — at age 19, she noted, while the boss in question was 45 — her dad gave her some good advice when it comes to sexist or offensive jokes: just don't laugh. That's what the joke-teller wants.

It can be tough to know how to respond.

For people who've been caught off-guard by off-color jokes, it's tough to tell them that it isn't okay, or to come up with a retort on the spot.

Enablers allow this kind of behavior.

The kind of boss who tells sexist jokes would probably stop if they got enough negative reinforcement. But all too often, this behavior is permitted or even encouraged.

Sometimes, it isn't even a joke.

This disturbing anecdote shows a kind of permissive 'boys will be boys' attitude. It's another way that inappropriate behavior is enabled.

"Watch them squirm."

There are all kinds of jokes that rely on a wink and a nod. Often, these are sexist or racist jokes.

If the person who's hearing the joke doesn't provide that wink and nod, the person who told the joke looks like an idiot.

They never want to explain themselves.

Here's a similar tactic. On top of not laughing, this person goes the extra mile by asking for an explanation for the joke.

Again, if you tell a joke and have to explain why it's funny, it probably isn't funny.

I'm seeing a theme here.

If someone tells a sexist joke, they want everyone to just laugh it off. If they're forced to confront their own creepiness, the tables start to turn pretty fast.

There are creeps in many workplaces.

These tips might not be foolproof, but they do offer a good primer on turning the tables on those who tell these jokes.

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