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The Internet Is Divided Over A Nearly Ruined Proposal

Planning a proposal is a lot of work. Some people go all out and try to set the scene so that it's a romantic moment for everyone involved. Some people look to their friends and family to help them set up a moment in time that can be remembered forever. Many people opt for the beach or other scenic destinations for perfect photo opportunities.

The last thing you want is someone to ruin a proposal that you have planned.

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The last thing anyone wants is for things to go south when they are proposing to their future partner.

Some people try so hard to plan things in a perfect way, that the thought of it being ruined is truly a nightmare.

One TikTok user shared a video where they were helping their friend propose, and it was interrupted.

In the video posted by TikTok user Mevlide Ahmeti, a woman and her child began to approach the TikTok user on the beach when they were setting up a proposal for their friend.

The argument began when the video started.

The beach was set up with a picnic and a sign that said "marry me."

While the video muffles what the woman walking up with her daughter was saying, you can hear the TikTok user saying,

"I'm not having this conversation right now because I'm in the middle of something, but thank you for your concern, I appreciate it."

The woman continued to talk so the TikTok user responded again.

The woman continued to talk more, so the TikTok user continued to respond by saying, "Ma'am, we are not going to stop this event for this conversation so please walk away."

The video cuts off immediately after that, however, the caption reads, "When Karens try to ruin your friend's proposal."

Many people online responded on TikTok, divided on the sides they are taking.

Many people on TikTok pointed out that "sand dunes" are the reason that this woman may have been upset, as sand dunes are fragile ecosystems that house animals such as turtles and their nests of eggs.

Other people chimed in and agreed.

Others on Twitter began to back up this woman, saying whoever was using this location for the proposal was in the wrong, as "it is turtle season and they are in the dunes." Therefore, they are "disrupting" the turtles' system.

However, others were upset by the woman's reaction.

Many people chimed in saying this was a "dream proposal" and the woman was getting mad at them.

Also, the person commented saying that the woman should be "happy for them" and then just walk away, minding her own business.

Some people said that no matter what, ruining the proposal was wrong.

Others added that ruining a person's proposal is wrong and no matter what, the people on the beach were going to most likely clean things up when they were finished anyway.

So they shouldn't have made such a big deal.

Others added that the person on the beach wanted to "ruin" the couple's happiness.

Many others added that some people just "enjoy" ruining other people's happiness because they most likely cannot be happy themselves. Overall, many people were angry to see a proposal that was turned into an argument and drama.

Do you agree with them, or think the beach proposal was wrong?