12+ Resin Crafts That Took The Material To Strange New Places

Resin is a really cool medium.

You've probably seen it all around the internet, whether it's being used to make rivers in wooden tables, or to create keychains. It can basically be anything, or hold anything — and that's where the cursed projects come in.

From chicken nuggets to apple watches, people have put some weird stuff in resin. Let's check it out.

This is so wrong.

The resin isn't even encasing the pickles, which basically guarantees these are going to keep shriveling and eventually crack. I hate this so much.

Turns out that iPhones still work in resin.

This iPhone is totally functional, despite the fact that it's encased in resin. There's only so much you can do with a phone you can't touch, but it's still cool.

This lamp has a chicken strip in it.

Sorry, a chicken tender. And yes, it lights up, and yes, the light is LED and thus can change the colors of the tender from white to a cool purple.

You've heard of regular ashtrays, now get ready for this:

An ashtray full of tiny toy babies. What, do you not need an ashtray full of toy babies? Why not? It'll make some wonderful decor for your home.

An Apple Watch still works in resin, too.

When Apple said those bad boys were waterproof, they were not joking around. This thing survived being encased in liquid resin, sure, but it also survived the superheated curing process. Go, Apple.

One question: Why?

Um... so this person preserved their expensive shoes in resin, rather than a display box. FYI, even the nicest resins yellow over time. So. Keep that in mind.

No one rolled with advantage here.

Listen, this D20 die from Dungeons & Dragons is cursed, yes. It's awful. But it's beautiful in its own way, and at least it still works the way it's supposed to. Looking at you, iPhone.

This one is UPSETTING.

These pens are made with dog nail trimmings. I cannot express how disgusted I am with this concept. And they're not even nicely distributed in there! 0/10, I hate it.

I'm thinking you can't eat this one.

This is SO funny to me. Not only did they preserve a hot dog, but they also went ahead and did the condiments, too. I actually have no clue how this was done because resin heats up as it cures. How?

Honestly, this clock is a good deal.

That much resin alone could easily set you back $95, so the fact that this is priced so "reasonably" is pretty impressive to me. I wouldn't buy it, but I am impressed.

This Big Mac will last forever.

Now, whether it should last forever is up for debate, but I digress. This burger has actually been in that resin cube for about six months, with no sign of decomposition.

But is it art?

I mean...this could actually sell very well, but I also have some questions as to why it was even made in the first place. Art is a weird medium.

This one is vintage.

If I had to see it, you have to see it. This is a meatball that someone's grandpa preserved in resin 30+ years ago. I am obsessed with the idea that humans have always wanted to do weird stuff with resin, apparently.

Yes, those are Fruity Pebbles.

Why anyone thought it would be a good idea to encase Fruity Pebbles in resin to make ashtrays is beyond me. This is a yabba-dabba-don't in the craft world.

Are... those collector's coins?

I'm really trying to think of a reason why anyone would need to make a toilet seat out of resin and coins. When it comes to toilet seats, let's just leave those as they are, okay? Not everything needs a DIY makeover.

This Jell-O mold lamp makes me hate resin and Jell-O molds.

Thankfully, most of us never had to experience of era of Jell-O mold meals but if you really wanted to, someone went ahead and made this commemorative resin lamp. This reminds me of Rachel's famous trifle on Friends.

This resin countertop just looks sad.

I think they were trying to use resin to create an ocean wave effect but it kind of looks like someone just poured laundry detergent over some plywood. Better luck next time!

Oh, jeeze.

I'm all for organizing your books. I'm all for using bookends to do so! What I'm not for us making a bookend out of a real watermelon slice encased in resin. That's just not what anyone needs right now.

This wine glass holder makes me feel so anxious.

Granted, this isn't the best photo of the product but I can't help but feel like this thing is going to topple over any moment. If that happened, it would be a disaster of epic proportions — and just think about all that wasted wine!

This is a new one for me.

What happens when you combine crochet with resin? You would think it would be the best of the craft world coming together at last, right? Well, someone tried to make flooring out of resin and crochet granny squares, and this... was the result.

Remember these guys?

If you grew up in the early 2000s, the chances are pretty good that you had a Furby. Some people have taken it upon themselves to make resin Furby faces for their own crafting purposes. Those soulless eyes are giving me the creeps.

I mean. Sure.

Honestly, this is pretty damn creative. The cereal was distributed perfectly, the milk looks perfect, and I love that it's arranged in a rainbow. I have no notes.

This toilet seat did not need to happen.

You know, a themed bathroom can work now and then but this is probably taking it one step too far. There's something vaguely threatening about a toilet seat lid with a pair of scissors on it, right?