Unsplash | Zoe Schaeffer

Gardener Invented A Clever (If Gross) Way To Keep Flies Off Of Her Face

We're in the swing of the gardening season, and so many wonderful plant varieties have begun to flourish and bloom.

But, going hand-and-hand with a healthy garden is the constant nuisance of pesky bugs and gnats. And most of the time; the bigger the foliage, the bigger the swarm of flies.

So what can you do to keep the bugs away while gardening?

Maja Bujaidze has got the trick for you.

Maia Bujaidze | Facebook

Getting the ingenious tip from her dad, devoted gardener Maja Bujaidze tried a (somewhat gross) fly-be-gone DIY on her hat... and it worked!

Wrapping a strip of sticky fly trap around the brim of her sunhat, Bujaidze went out to the garden and stopped the flies dead in their tracks.

Bujaidze is proud of her effective solution.

Andre Furtado | Pexels

Expertly combatting the black fly swarm trying to dampen her gardening day, Bujaidze is thrilled by how effective the simple trick is.

Proud of the invention regardless of how strange it is, Bujaidze shared her discovery on Facebook, saying "who's having a good time now, black fly? Me. The laughing gardener."

But even swarmed by flies, could you wear it?

Effectiveness aside, the thought (and appearance) may be a bit too icky for some. Do you struggle with bugs swarming around you while trying to garden? Bug spray can only do so much. Maybe Bujaidze's hat trick is the way to go? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!