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Teens Walk Out To Protest School's Sexist Dress Code: 'Am I A Distraction?'

Let's face it, kids are going to push boundaries; it's what they do. Usually it's over matters like curfew or cleaning their rooms or screen time, much to the consternation of their parents. But on occasion, they push boundaries in ways that need to be pushed and get parents thinking about bigger matters — and that's just what a group of high schoolers in California have done regarding their school's dress code.

Indeed, their dress code sparked a full-on student revolt and, eventually, a walkout.

TikTok user Evita, who posts under the handle @baggyjeanmoms, shared a video that's since gone viral and re-ignited a conversation about dress codes that never seems to get fully resolved.

"We started this all because our principal was going to have an assembly about dress code," Evita wrote. "So, day of assembly, we did this."

TikTok | @baggyjeanmom

Although she didn't get into specifics about the school's dress code, midriffs seemed to be a trigger point because several students bared their midriffs during the protest.

Midriffs were on full display.

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Many school dress codes ban clothes like this because they're "distracting." But it always feels kind of odd to do so, considering these outfits are generally seen as acceptable in public.

Students eventually walked out.

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The TikTok video shows students protesting the dress code, baring those midriffs and using the exposed skin to display messages like "Am I a distraction?" written in marker.

The kids protesting also put up a few posters with phrases like "Teach boys to focus, not girls to cover up," and "If children's midriffs distract you, you should not be working with children," which certainly grabbed some attention.

The girls protesting managed to get some boys involved, too.

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Given that the protest focused on how dress codes tend to target girls, it's nice to see a show of support from the boys, many of whom also bared their midriffs for the protest.

And while it's not clear if the protest actually inspired any change at the school, Evita's video definitely found an audience on TikTok, with more than 3.5 million views so far.

Commenters were here for it.

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The bottom comment here raises a good point: how can these things be enforced? Students aren't paid employees, and, before a certain age, it's mandatory that they go to school. It doesn't seem tenable to keep sending girls home to change, does it?

It could start a trend.

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It might just inspire other students to protest their own dress codes. Given some of the ridiculous reasons kids have been sent home to change in the past, there are probably a few school administrators out there who should pay attention to Evita's video, too.

Most people were on Evita's side.

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The comments section was full of others' stories about dress codes — and, in some cases, ideas for how to turn the tables on dress code police.

It looks like the walkout was a success.

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The TikTok showed just a few students participating at the beginning of the day, but after the walkout was declared, it looks like a couple dozen students got in on things.

What do you think?

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Do school dress codes go too far? Are they sexist, focusing too much on how girls dress and what's "distracting"?

Make sure to watch the TikTok below, then let us know your thoughts in the comments section!