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Man Admits He's Scared He'll Never Love His Child After Being 'Baby Trapped'

Being a parent is one of the most challenging and difficult jobs on the planet — just ask one.

All jokes aside, bringing a child into this world requires incredible sacrifice and should only be done if both parents are willing and ready. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

Recently, Reddit user ThrowRAneedguide_ shared his story of how his ex-girlfriend wound up 'baby trapping' him. He went on to express how his biggest fear was that he'd wind up resenting his own child.

Redditor ThrowRAneedguide_ was always undecided as to whether or not he actually wanted children.

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Nothing was ever ruled out, but as ThrowRAneedguide_ admits — he was definitely leaning more on the side of never wanting to have kids.

When he began dating his now ex-girlfriend, he made sure to make his feelings on the subject of children known. At the time, his girlfriend felt the same way. But roughly a year later, ThrowRAneedguide_ started to notice that his girlfriend's attitude toward children was beginning to change...

"A year later all she was talking about was baby stuff," he explained via Reddit post.

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"We’d be at target and she’s[sic] stop to look at the infant isle[sic] saying how cute the outfits look," he explained. "Then she really started pushing it that we should think about having a baby together. I told her no cause I’m not sure."

But no matter how much ThrowRAneedguide_ tried to reason with his girlfriend and make her come to terms with his feelings, she simply wouldn't hear it.

Five months later, ThrowRAneedguide_ found out that he was going to be a father.

When he asked his girlfriend how this could have happened, her response absolutely shocked him. "She confessed she stopped taking her bc because she rlly[sic] wanted a baby," ThrowRAneedguide_ said.

"Then when I started pushing her to find out what else she was lying about she admitted to poking a few holes in some of the condoms I had in my room when she’d spend the night."

ThrowRAneedguide_ was beyond furious at his girlfriend's betrayal.

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Shortly afterward, he ended their relationship. ThrowRAneedguide_ tried to walk away from the situation entirely. His family urged him to reconsider — making sure to point out that his unborn child was innocent and didn't ask to be born.

"As much as I hate my ex I was there for all the ultrasounds," he said. "When my son was born, everything." But despite being present for the birth, ThrowRAneedguide_ says that he feels no love for his son.

"He’s almost 11 months old and still feel that way. I’m tired and frustrated all the time," ThrowRAneedguide_ said.

The child barely sleeps through the night and cries as soon as you put him down. It's gotten so bad that sometimes ThrowRAneedguide_ will just stay parked in his car, afraid to enter his own home after work.

"I hate that I feel this way," he admitted. "I hate how tired I am all the time. I’m scared that I’m never going to love him or feel the way a dad should feel about their baby."

Left with no other option, ThrowRAneedguide_ asked his fellow Reddit users for advice.

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Reddit user ShinyArtist said, "You were forced and tricked and manipulated. You are depressed from being tricked." They continued by explaining how "These are negative emotions that are blocking you, making you feel numb."

They also suggested that perhaps ThrowRAneedguide_ should consider seeing either a doctor or a therapist in order to help work through some of his more negative and complicated emotions toward his estranged son.

Others were quick to commend ThrowRAneedguide_ for stepping up the way that he did.

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"I realize you may feel like a bad dad," reasoned Redditor that90s-brat, "but you stepped up to be there for this child even though he was a product of lying and assault."

How would you have handled a similar situation? Should ThrowRAneedguide_ try to stick it out for the good of his child or do you think that the right thing to do would be to move on?

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