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Former Addict Shows Off Startling Transformation After Graduating College

Human resilience can be an incredible thing to behold.

Case in point: Ginny Burton. This Seattle woman was deep in the depths of addiction not so long ago, but has completely turned her life around in the years since.

KOMO News reporter Eric Johnson detailed her incredible, unlikely, inspiring story.

Ginny was born in 1972 in Tacoma, Washington.

Facebook | V Ginny Burton

Ginny's mom and dad were both heavily involved in the drug scene, and it seemed almost inevitable that Ginny herself would someday become addicted.

By her early teen years, Ginny was using a variety of substances. By the age of 21 she was hooked on heroin.

Things were looking bleak for Ginny.

Facebook | V Ginny Burton

"I have 17 felony convictions," she said. "I am that person you used to clutch your bag when I walked by you. I am the person that would randomly attack somebody in public."

After a few stints in prison, Ginny finally got clean.

Facebook | V Ginny Burton

While she'd tried to get sober before, earlier attempts weren't successful. But eventually, thanks to a Drug Diversion Court program, Ginny was able to get clean permanently. From there, things started to look up.

Ginny's now a college graduate.

Facebook | V Ginny Burton

After taking classes at South Seattle College, she went on to the University of Washington, where she was named the 2020 Truman Scholar. She's now a graduate, has moved to a smaller town, and is working on fixing the damaged relationships in her life.

Her post received an outpouring of praise and support.

Facebook | V Ginny Burton

Unsurprisingly, Ginny's Facebook post garnered a lot of attention and kind words from many. It's wonderful to see so many people coming together to recognize the enormous accomplishment of someone they may not know but is nonetheless a fellow human being.

Not only that, but others who have dealt with similar situations shared their thoughts, as well.

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One commenter named Desiree Headrick wrote, "You got this ❤️ My daughter is a recovered addict, she also was able to turn her life around and is doing so well now...much love girl - you rock ❤️❤️❤️"

What does the future hold for Ginny?

Facebook V Ginny Burton

Ginny plans on undertaking a master's degree next. She hopes to utilize her knowledge to change the way prisons approach addiction, both inside the facility and in the outside world. This will help others be the best version of themselves, free from the grip of addiction.

It's an incredible story.

Of course, Ginny's transformation is hardly the norm. But it's an encouraging beacon for anyone who thinks they've hopelessly messed their life up.

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