9+ Thrift Store Mistakes We're Definitely Guilty Of Making

If you're big on thrifting, you probably don't need any pointers. I bet you have your game all down. However, for folks like me who occasionally visit thrift stores, we can use all the help we can get. Am I right?

So, I thought I'll put together a list of mistakes you should never commit while thrifting. You're welcome, hee-hee.

1. Shopping Because You're In Need

If you're going to the thrift store to look for a specific item, chances are you won't find it. You could spend the whole day searching for that special statement piece and drive yourself crazy.

2. Shopping At The Wrong Time

Unsplash | Alex Sheldon

If you absolutely have to shop on the weekend, do yourself a favor and go early. The later in the day, the busier it gets, and the more stuff gets picked through. So, get up early and come home happy.

3. Shopping On The Wrong Day

Seasoned thrifters know that it's never a good idea to shop on weekends. Not only is the store super busy, but you won't see new arrivals until about Tuesday. So, pick that day to shop instead if you can.

4. Not Knowing Prices

Unsplash | Jordan Nix

It's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with prices. You never know when you might stumble upon a vintage item. It pays off to know whether buying it would be a great investment or not.

5. Being In A Rush

Those who thrift often know that it's time-consuming. The reason I don't go thrifting that much, is that I don't have the patience to sift through racks and racks of clothes. I'm an in-and-out kind of girl.

6. Going Thrift Crazy

It's okay to buy a few items when you know that you're definitely going to wear them. It's not okay to buy half the rack only to hang it up in your closet and never wear it. So, make smart choices.

7. Overpaying For Fast-Fashion Brands

It can be tempting to spend $10 on an H&M shirt or a cute Zara dress, but It's usually not worth it. You're better off spending the same amount on a unique vintage item instead.

8. Not Making Friends With Employees

Thrift store employees have all the secrets. They know when all the sales happen and when new stock gets put on the shelf. So, it's definitely a good idea to chat them up so you can get the scoop.

9. Forgetting To Shop For Basics

Unsplash | Artem Beliaikin

Many people go to thrift stores to look for those special one-of-a-kind items. That's all great, but you shouldn't forget to look for basics too. During that 50% off sale, you can stock up on T-shirts, tanks, and other essentials.

10. Skipping An Item Because It Needs Alternations

Sometimes you find a great item that will look amazing on you if only it came in your size. Don't just dismiss it. If you can have it altered, it might still be a good investment after all.

I hope I've given you some good tips for your next thrifting outing.

Keeping these in mind should prevent you from overspending and getting frustrated in the end. I want to know what was your best thrifting experience. So, share with me in the comments below.