15+ Times People Should Have Thought Things Through

Above all, it is vital that you think things through in this world. And yes, as a man who has never thought anything through I am aware that I should probably take my own advice but there we go!

Anyway, waffling aside, please enjoy reveling in the misfortune of these 15+ times people should have thought things through!

"If you know..."

Yeah, that really doesn't read as "If you know, you know" at a quick glance, that's for damn sure.

"How do people do this?"

But surely no one will know that it was her who was just talking, that'd take a master sleuth to work that out!

"Got to love cheap translations..."

It's not the worst advice I've ever heard. Although, getting use of a phone when you've been stolen would be a bit of a problem, you'd imagine.

"Exchange I had with my landlord..."

Someone who experienced a similar, yet more terrifying, situation like this replied: "Reminds me of a time I went to the ER because I was having chest pains. This doctor goes.. 'Hmm.. it doesn't look like you have chest pains.' [Yeah] well the pain is coming from the inside, not the outside doc.'

"Speaking of awful historical building renovations, check out this 1100-year-old castle in Spain."

I actually can't make up my mind on whether I like this one or not. At first I hated it but now it's kind of winning me over.

"This girl rescued a coyote thinking it was a dog, his WTF face is priceless."

Apparently this is a more common mistake than I thought, with another person adding: "I tried rescuing a coyote once. It wanted nothing to do with humans. It wouldn't let me get within three houses of it. [My wife] also thought it was really funny that I mistook a coyote for a dog."

"Meet my High School 'Wildcat.'"

I sure hope that this school can get all of the money that they paid for this reimbursed as that looks more like gray Alf on all fours!

Is That The Only Roof They Had?

So, did someone nearby have a surplus of these roofs that they were selling for a discount?

"The Ggartesabty!"

In their head they probably thought that this was a good idea, but now it's written down it's making my head feel like it's on fire.

"The brand name of my daughter's shirt."

"Anxiety for kids" sounds like either a half-arsed doctor's diagnosis or a super hipster, Alt-J-esque band.

"We're pet-friendly, but no pets entry!"

"When we say we're pet friendly, we mean that we're friendly to pets that are kept outside."

"You're the worst."

Just Send One Message In Future...

This person clearly has a particular penchant for being a tad dramatic, what a rollercoaster!

Seamless Work...

Was this really the best way for them to display this windsurfing paraphernalia?

"Bike Slop..."

If only they had made the bike's pedals white then the whole thing might have come together!

Don't Confuse The Pizza!

"Argh! Where am I? What am I? What is happening?!"

"Is...is this pizza talking to me?"

"Let's do this to keep the potatoes from getting dirty!"

It's not like they came out of the actual earth or anything like that. Also, the amount of wasted plastic from doing this is abysmal!

"Don't have hep c? Get some!"

In case anyone is struggling as much as I was, it does say "Cured" but the "ured"is in a different font. Christ, I think it might be time to get my eyes tested again.

"Introducing an entirely new fluid measurement. Is it 4 oz? 8 oz? Who knows?"

I guess that the measurement is just whatever you feel like making it? I kind of like that system actually!

"Got this as a gift and honestly I don't want to throw it away just because it's terribly funny."

Ah yes, that famous Italian landmark, the Eiffel Tower. I never saw it when I went to Italy, I couldn't find it anywhere.

"A knife and a brush, what could possibly go wrong...?"

"What if we sell a brush, but it's also a knife!" sounds like the sort of thing that a marketing guy who is too drunk at an office Christmas party would say.

"The shower in my freshman year dorm, and I'm only 5'7."

Someone pointed out that maybe they only expected for students to be sat down and crying in the shower, but that's only the English majors...trust me.

"Maybe I shouldn't park here..."

How many times were people ignoring these signs for the local council to feel that this was an appropriate response?!

"I thought this was the urinal…very close call!"

I mean, it feels like the person who designed this urinal was willing for people to make this mistake!

"This bubble toy is shaped like a typical juice pouch for kids."

It looks like the person who decided that this was the right package design just really hates kids...or loves drinking bubble mixture?

"Carpet up the side of the bathtub at my grandma's."

Carpet on the floor of a bathroom is bad enough, but up the side of a bath? That's sending shivers down my spine!

"Ah yes, a metal dog to go right through your head in case of an accident."

It also looks incredibly tacky! I know that dying is kind of worse than having something that looks tacky though...or is it?

"Renovations done to a 500-year-old tower."

Okay, this puts that last abysmal renovation job to shame! What a masterclass in using the parts that you just happen to have nearby in order to get a job done.


"Dave, that's not how that works, you're going to be a..."

"Just...just let him have this one, for a moment."

"I my bike!"

What an amazingly niche Flann O'Brien's Third Policeman reference. I will be floored if anyone else makes that obscure connection.

"If only a letter in watermelon was the same shape as a watermelon."

I feel like a "Wateormelon" is a type of fruit-based asteroid that would cause the most tasty devastation that this planet has ever seen.