Moms Open Up About Times Their Intuition Saved Their Child

Being a parent is a lot of hard work. Having kids means you're not responsible for an individual, human life, one that you want to protect and keep safe always and forever. Sometimes, things can go wrong and parents have to step in and save the day.

For moms, it's called "mother's intuition" when we just know our kids need us and need our help. And, we can save the day when we react on them.

Some nightmares become reality.

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One Reddit user said that their mom saved her baby when she had a "bad dream about a clogged pipe and could hear her child drowning."

In reality, the Reddit user had started playing with an "electric blanket dial," and it got stuck in their mouth, blocking their airway.

Luckily the mom came to see them, and saved their life.

I'm sure that he is grateful to have that toe.

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"My son... I didn't save his life, however there was one day he was super not himself and grizzly. I checked all the usual things and then felt I needed to check his feet inside his little socks. A loose thread had made a tourniquet around one of his toes, it was shiny swollen and dull purple. I definitely think I saved the toe," said mom eatscakesandleaves.

Moms just know.

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"When I was super young, maybe kindergarten age, I thought it would be fun to open up my second bedroom window and climb out on the roof," said pureum.

Their mom had a "bad feeling" something was wrong and came upstairs to see her child on the roof. She quickly pulled her down and saved her life.

Some doctors get it wrong.

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One mom said that she saved her now 7-year-old daughter from Kawasaki disease, after doctors told her repeatedly that it was a UTI. The doctors continued to ignore her requests, despite the symptoms.

"It freaked me out so we got a second opinion." MyNameandLastName added.

This mom had some quick thinking.

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While vacuuming and cleaning, one mom checked on her child and saw the worst.

"She had managed to swallow one clump of fluff and the second was stuck. Her lips were starting to turn purple and she was trying to cough it out. I picked her up, laid her down on my knee, and did the Heimlich maneuver on her," commented Birdy30.

Wow, that's a connection like no other.

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One woman shared that she thought that she was miscarrying when she felt strange pains in her stomach while pregnant. She rushed to get checked in the ER, and luckily everything was fine. But, her mom had "a feeling."

"Walking out of the ER I had multiple texts and missed calls from my mom, she had a feeling something was wrong. Somehow my panic reached her 500 miles away and over state lines," shared wisefoolhere.

Even aunts can feel that intuition.

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"Not my child, but my niece. She was almost 2 years old. I was at my sister's house making some food and suddenly I had a gut feeling that something was wrong, so I went to check on the kids. She had a ball stuck in her mouth and was choking. I immediately ran to her, reached into her mouth, and pulled out the ball. Afterwards I just held her for an hour. It was terrifying," bluejay_way commented.

That "pit in your stomach" feeling is serious.


"My dad was over visiting one day. We were mid conversation, when I suddenly felt my stomach drop. Rushed to the kitchen to see my toddler holding a steak knife, which was in a drawer I didn't realize he could reach. Needless to say all knives were moved immediately. I cried for hours just thinking about what could have happened," commented one mom chelletastical.

A kidnapping story turned savior story.

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One Reddit user said that they were "almost kidnapped at a grocery store as a baby" when their mom got into quick-thinking mode.

"She screamed bloody murder and told the grocery store worker her baby was gone and they locked the doors.

They found me shoved into a shelf on the opposite end of the store," said the Reddit user.

Never back down from getting your kids help!

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One Reddit user shared that their brother was very sick, but everyone told their mother it was "just a virus." When he didn't get better, she pushed for doctors to check.

"My mom went in 2 more times before they took her seriously and did a more thorough check. His appendix ruptured on the operating table," said another Reddit user.

Kids always eat everything.

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"When my son was a baby he was crawling around our couch. He went around the side and I followed him. He was out of my sight for only a few seconds. When I saw him he looked normal, no gagging or odd behaviour, but something told me he was choking. So I whacked him on the back and a penny went flying out of his mouth," said punchyourfacein.

This one is just so crazy!

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"My own mother grabbed me (at about 3 years old) (sleeping on the floor of their bedroom in a sleeping bag because I liked to rather than my own bed) off the floor about two seconds before the '94 earthquake in Northridge. The spot she picked me up from... a steel sewing table fell right where my head would have been," shared freekystan.

Some voices are imporptant.

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"My mom's tells a story of when my brother was a baby. She was asleep and could hear her own voice calling her name. She woke up and had an overwhelming urge to check on the baby. She picked him up and he gasped. He hadnt been breathing," shared another Reddit user.

She saved her own child.

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One mom said she felt something was "off" with her baby during labor, despite doctors saying things were fine.

"They checked heart rates. Sure enough, every time she had a contraction her son's heart almost completely stopped. They performed an emergency cesarean and she was holding her son within half an hour of arriving back at the hospital.

He was completely fine immediately after birth, but he may have died as her contractions increased if she had have waited," said AromaticHydrocarbons.

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