Chances Are You've Been Pronouncing Alicia Silverstone's Name Wrong This Whole Time

There's nothing worse than learning you've been pronouncing someone's name wrong for an extended about of time. While my name is easy to pronounce (Taylor, like Swift) I still sometimes get called Tyler — I can't imagine how people with less "traditional" names feel.

As it turns out, actress and supermom Alicia Silverstone is one of those people we've all been disrespecting, and I can't say sorry enough.

There are many celebrities who have fallen victim to mass mispronunciation.

Once news outlets, fans, and social media start calling a celebrity the wrong name, it's all over from there. It's a train that can't be turned back.

Remember when Chrissy Tigen revealed we've been mispronouncing her last name?

It's pronounced TIE-GAN, not TEA-GAN.

"Gave up a long time ago," Chrissy revealed on Twitter back in 2018.

However, nothing shook me like finding out I had been mispronouncing Rihanna's name for over a decade.

While appearing in a video for British Vogue, the songstress introduced herself as “Ree-anna."

"Ree-anna" which is not "Ree-ah-na" which is how we've all been pronouncing it since 2007.

Naturally, it's important to respect and properly pronounce people's names, it's not that hard.

More celebrities need to speak out!

As it turns out, we've also been pretty clueless when it comes to pronouncing Alicia Silverstone's name.

Did you see what I did there? Clueless? Get it?

I understand if you want to leave this article now.

Alicia Silverstone is known for her iconic role in *Clueless* and also being a mom that feeds her son like a baby bird.

Which, if you ask me, are two very important things to be known for.

However, she's seemingly also known for having a name no one has been pronouncing properly.

In a new TikTok, the actress took part in the viral challenge where people tell their followers what their name is, and then how people mispronounce it.

In case you've missed it, Alicia has been having a lot of fun on TikTok.

The 44-year-old recently took to the video sharing app to recreate one of the most iconic scenes from *Clueless.*

Her ten-year-old son helped her say UGH, AS IF!

Now, Alicia is dropping a bomb on us all that we really don't know her like we thought we did.

In a new video posted to TikTok (and her Instagram account) Alicia tells fans: "My name is Ali-see-yuh," she announced. "Ali-see-yuh. Not Alee-sha."

In the caption, the actress went on to explain why its important to say her name properly.

"Just an FYI… It’s Ali-SEE-yuh. It doesn't bother me though! But my sweet mama didn't like it... so for her... get it right! Ali-SEE-yuh!"

I can fully admit I have been pronouncing it wrong, and I PROMISE to never do it again!

Did you know that's how you say Alicia's name? Let us know in the comments below!