19 People Who Captured Strange And Unlikely Moments

The planet is full of little wonders that never cease to amaze us, such as the fact that we even exist on this little rock hurtling through spaceā€¦or the fact that some baby hedgehogs look like Dracula. It's madness.

Anyway, ramblings aside, here for your viewing pleasure are 19 people who captured strange and unlikely moments!

"Dalmatian with hearts for eyes."

This adorable guy is apparently called Charlie and has his own Instagram. I mean, how could he not?

"Pilot stated he bought the plane recently. No injuries, but certainly a weird insurance conversation."

"Why are you late?"

"Someone landed a plane on the road by our house."

"Why must you always lie to me Dave?"

"Mr. Dracula, the vampire hedgehog."

Sure, he might look cute and adorable, but I bet those teeth pack a mean bite! Don't be drawn in by those eyes!

"Unfortunate spot for the light to go out."

"Look, all I'm saying is that the sign out front is very misleading."

"Just...pull up your pants and get the hell out."

"It's cold outside."

Christ, this looks more like something out of a video-game than real life. I'd say don't open it, but I don't think that they could open it!

"It's his destiny."

"Oh my God, isn't this amazing?"

"I don't care how amazing it is Dave, you're still buying me a new cup."

"Someone's single and ready to mingle!"

I guess that some people will find absolutely any occasion to celebrate. I wonder if they hope that this tactic will get them any action?

"They didn't want to share."

So they're ordering a secret Burger King and they're not getting a Whopper? It's literally the only thing they sell that doesn't taste of 100% sadness.

"His groomer called me to come get him because she was done trying."

Well, that is one hell of a furious cat, and his mood is probably not helped by the abysmal haircut he's now sporting!

"I don't know if I would trust him with my pets."

"And here is Mittens, good as new!"

"I can't thank you enough Doc, you've...wait, he's not moving."

"Well why would you think he'd be moving?"

"The way they packaged this peanut butter."

I would love to meet the insane person who decided that this was better than putting peanut butter in jars!

"I guess you shouldn't put glass windows over grass when it's 22° Celsius."

I feel like every time I walked into my garden after doing this I would just hear the Windows 98 startup music.

"Honeymoon delayed."

Judging from the start that this marriage got off to, it won't be long until they're sporting the sort of bumper sticker we saw earlier.

"So this happened to me today

Is this what happens when a Disney Princess tries to start their car in the morning? Or maybe they're getting mugged by this tiny bird?

"The temptation is real."

Good God, this is one of the most difficult trials that I have ever seen. The restraint you'd have to show would be unbelievable.

"The kittens found the baby again."

"We're sleeping here to protect the baby, honestly! Us sleeping here has absolutely nothing to do with stealing her body heat!"

"This sign that's suppose to 'encourage' blood donations."

It looks a lot more like this sign was written and put up by that tiny little vampire hedgehog!

"Unlikely pairing found on the road in Texas."

Everything about this, including the vital fact that they are in Texas, makes me think that the owner of this car may be being a tad sarcastic.

"He must be really tired of losing stuff!"

Something tells me that this is his second pair and his wife has warned him severely of the repercussions if he loses this pair as well.