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People Reveal The Cooking Secrets They Swore They'd Never Tell

Cooking can be a really personal experience, with recipes and hacks passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, people are so guarded with their secret recipes that they keep them with them until the day they die (like this marvelous grandmother and her fudge recipe).

Calling on Redditers to break their silence, user what_the_a asks readers to answer the question, "What's your 'I'll never tell' cooking secret?"

Add a pinch of coffee to anything chocolate.

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Responding to the viral Reddit thread, ILoveToCookSometimes says that any time they're baking a chocolate dish they always add a little bit of coffee.

Especially if you're using cheap chocolate, they believe the coffee grounds work to elevate the taste, making a rich treat that no one can resist.

Sprinkle salt into every cup of hot chocolate.

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As with most cooking, a sprinkle of salt helps to amplify the natural flavors present in the dish. Using that logic to their advantage, ouTPhaze says that every time they make a cup of hot chocolate they sprinkle a dash of salt into it.

Even using a prepackaged mix, they claim that just a dash of salt causes everyone to dub their hot chocolate as the "best hot chocolate".

Sneak a little bit of mustard powder into your homemade mac 'n' cheese.

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Almost everyone loves a good, freshly baked mac 'n' cheese. Hot from the oven, it really is hard to go wrong with noodles, milk, and cheese.

But if you're looking to give your cheesy meal a bit of an extra flavor punch, nanahugsforyou recommends adding a little bit of dry mustard powder to the sauce!

Add jello vanilla pudding powder to your cookies.

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Swearing by their secret cooking hack, Life_On_the_Nickle reveals that any time they bake cookies, they substitute half of the sugar for jello vanilla pudding powder! Not only does it add the required amount of sweetness, but they also claim it makes for cake-like cookies that stay soft for days.

What's your best-kept cooking secret?

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What do you think of these cooking hacks? Have you tried any of them before?

Jumping on the chance to spill their well-kept secrets, read through the interesting Reddit thread to find even more unusual cooking hacks.

Or, if you have your own cooking secret and wouldn't mind letting us in, spill the beans in the comments below!