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Ridiculous Bathing Suit Sparks Outrage And Confusion On Twitter

Summer is here, and for many of us, that means it's time to enter the confusing world of swimsuit shopping.

There's no shortage of styles available, especially for women, and sometimes current fashions are head-scratchingly bad.

A Twitter user recently shared an image of a downright bizarre bathing suit, and sparked a hilarious conversation.

So, uh, what is this?

@alanna, deputy editor of The Goods By Vox, recently shared the tweet seen below. It shows a 'high cut one piece swimsuit'. From the way the image looks, 'high cut' is a gross understatement.

I'm getting Borat vibes.

One reply to Alanna's tweet shared an image of a hairy-bodied Borat swimsuit monstrosity, which I'm hoping is just a PhotoShop job and not actually, y'know, an actual real-life bathing suit. Yikes.

Others let their imaginations fill in some blanks.

There's high cut and then there's *really* high cut.

This tweet demonstrates the difference between a traditional high cut swimsuit and this, which must classify as some kind of extreme high cut.

So long as it looks good on a model, they'll try to sell it.

No matter how ridiculous an item of clothing might be, there's a model somewhere who can make it look workable.

"Honestly, who do they expect will wear this… besides their models."

While the swimsuit might look ridiculous at first, some tweets explained that it might actually work for some body types — not just those who are thin, but potentially those with some curves as well.

While some found sense in the design, most others thought it a recipe for extreme discomfort.

One tweet dug up a picture of the actual bathing suit in question.

"The punishment we put our poor crotches through," they wrote.

Could it ever be worn comfortably?

There are so many body types, and so many bathing suit types, that it's hard to know anymore.

This particular suit does seem like it might require an ice-down after wearing it.

Just be comfortable!

Everyone needs something to wear to the beach, and fortunately there's a wide variety of styles available. So go with a one-piece, go with a bikini, heck, go with the Borat look if you want to.

Let us know about your summer beachwear in the comments!