30 Fails That We Just Can’t Look Away From

Whether it be people breaking down on the way to their honeymoon, being thrown into the ceiling at their own wedding, or simply kneeling on the head of a coworker by accident, there are always people out there in the world doing daft things.

And so, to show off a few examples of this, here are 20 fails that we just can't look away from!

"He must be really tired of losing his stuff!"

I kind of love the idea of this life hack, but maybe they should use glue so that it isn't as visible?

(Please don't really glue things into your ears!)

"Renovations done to a 500-year-old tower."

"Well, I hope you like it, if you need any other renovation work done then..."

"We know to call literally anyone else, thanks."

"2nd inning of the Angels vs. A's game at Diablo Stadium. Foul ball about to spray the area."

They've caught this at the perfect moment! I don't think the girl in the middle has even realised what is about to happen yet!

"Get a tattoo they said..."

I can kind of see what they were trying to achieve with this, but it's a bit of a headache trying to read it!

"Honeymoon delayed."

Well, that certainly isn't a good sign is it? I've heard of getting "hitched" but this is something else...

I'm so sorry.

"They just don't go together."

The designer for this sign had literally one job that they had to fulfil, and they managed to mess it up. Amazing.

"A decision was made..."

Maybe they just bought a load of packets of Oreos to do their weightlifting with?

"During a company kickball game one of my coworkers fell over and then this happened."

God that must have hurt! There's not much give in the human knee after all is there?

"His friend's reaction is priceless!"

He actually looks pretty concerned, I know that if that was me and my friends we'd have been crying laughing at the person who fell over.

"Give me a brake!"

There needs to be a voiceover for this with him saying, "It was at that moment that I realised I should have bought some gloves."

"In art class I tried to make a pig from clay (I was 9), but my dumbass legit forgot the ears and tail..."

I actually really like this! It is also infinitely better than anything that I managed to "make" back in art class.

"I had just finished saying 'I can't believe she never falls in!'"

That face is one of absolute horror. I feel like there should be a record scratch sound over this one as well.

"My fish people need me!"

Catching the fish isn't the only hard part, keeping hold of the fish is also pretty difficult!

"This container gets less fun the older I get."

Unless this is actually medicine for dinosaurs? That would still be pretty fun I reckon!

"Just another wedding in russia."

"When you said 'till death us do part' you probably thought that would be pretty far in the future, eh?"

"Should have gone with Yoshi."

One person responded by saying, "It took me way too long to realize that this was a horse," and I am nothing but worried for that person.


As one person astutely pointed out, "bruh this cake could've been like 10x better if they just spent more than 20 seconds on the webs."

"Accessible handicapped parking... For SUVs/Trucks only?"

It's the thought that counts, right? Well, I guess that it isn't actually!

"The cowardly lion has seen some things…"

I cannot help but find this statue absolutely terrifying. I think it's the weirdly sinister grin!

"Bike trail in Romania."

I can imagine injury lawyers across the globe positively salivating at the very sight of this!

"The brand name of my daughter's shirt."

How did no one get even the slightest sense that this might not be a good name for a clothing brand?!

"'Cheese' Burger."

There should be a law against this being able to be described as a "cheese burger." Also, that burger meat doesn't look like anything to write home about either. Where did they get this from?!

"They were so close..."

All of that effort, only to be let down at the very last hurdle! Although, this is inadvertently better though I guess.

"This sign at my brothers' school."

They really lost control of this when they got to the "R," if they could ever be described as having control of it, that is.

"Cheeky monkey."

I just love the idea of that monkey looking at that drink and thinking, "Damn, that's my favorite flavor as well!"

"This annoyed me more than it should have."

Why such a small change in size? What possible reason could the designers have for this aside from general devilment?

They're Left With...Whatever This Is!

This person explained, "I ordered a tattoo machine from China like 8 years ago and thought I could do a tattoo. Long story short, I did something and didn't like it so I thought it would be a wonderful idea to just tattoo over it and cover it up. This was the final outcome."

"This really could be worse."

I wonder if he backed through that window or came in through it? I know which way would be more exciting!

"These collective idiots making an illegal left and causing a gridlock."

Just looking at this image is making my blood pressure rise to dangerous levels. It amazes me that some people are allowed on the roads.

"Gee, if only there were a letter that looked vaguely like a fin!"

They even knew it looks like an "A" as they used it in "Sharks"! Why not do it again in "Save"?